The three Northumberland County row officers who, along with resigning Sheriff Chad Reiner, sued the county over salary cuts, said they have no plans to follow Reiner away from the county.

"No, absolutely not," Register and Recorder Mary Zimmerman said Wednesday. "I've been here too long."

Zimmerman has worked in the office for 31 years, including four terms as register and recorder.

Coroner James F. Kelley, who was elected to his fourth term in November, doesn't intend to retire or resign any time soon, but added, "You never know. There's a lot going on in the county. I know a lot of people besides the row officers are concerned with the direction of the county."

The coroner didn't elaborate, but he has been at odds with Commissioners Vinny Clausi and Stephen Bridy, who, in addition to the Oct. 1 pay cut for row officers, voted Dec. 27 to eliminate full-time benefits for Kelley's two deputies.

Treasurer Kevin Gilroy, who was elected for the first time in November 2011, said he and his office will be moving "full force" ahead.

Reiner, Zimmerman, Kelley and Gilroy filed a civil lawsuit against Clausi, Bridy, fellow Commissioner Richard Shoch and the county for lowering their salaries between 42 and 48 percent and increasing their contributions to health care to 50 percent of the county's cost (see separate story). They were successful in seeking a temporary court injunction to delay the cuts. Shoch is named in the suit, but he voted against the pay cuts, which also apply to the commissioners.

Not 'part time'

Gilroy criticized Clausi and Bridy Wednesday.

"These (row officers) positions are full time. They (Clausi and Bridy) have chosen to make their positions part time.

"Clausi has been managing the county from Florida," he added, referencing the commissioner's recent time on vacation. "We are there every day, and we are working full time."

Gilroy said he's upset, and that it's "not fair" for Reiner to have to choose another career.

Zimmerman said she understands why Reiner felt the need to leave.

"To have this threat of changing salaries every couple years, it's quite a thing for him to handle," she said. "This could happen every four years that the salaries come up. He's a young man and he has to think of his family first."

The three row officers had positive words for the departing sheriff. Gilroy wished him luck in his endeavors, while Kelley said he's done an "excellent job."

The coroner also praised Reiner for adding Clark, a K-9 officer.

"He's brought the office into the 21st century. Whoever they appoint to fill his position, I hope they keep the office moving forward," he said.