ELYSBURG - Ralpho Township Recycling Center will now collect all plastics, from code Nos. 1 through 7.

Supervisor Dan Williams, representing the recycling department, told the board at its meeting Tuesday that Jeff's Recycling, Paxinos, will accept all recyclable plastics. The numbers are found in triangles on recyclable plastic containers.

Williams said all the plastics will go into one bin, and Jeff's will do the sorting. Pickups will most likely be more often, he said.

Some examples of recyclable containers are:

No. 1: soft drink, water, beer and mouthwash bottles, as well as peanut butter, salad dressing and vegetable oil containers.

No. 2: containers from milk, juice, detergent, bleach, shampoo, butter and yogurt.

No. 3: window cleaner and detergent bottles.

No. 4: squeezable bottles and dry cleaning and shopping bags (grocery bags are not accepted and should be returned to the grocery store for recycling.

No. 5: heavier yogurt containers, ketchup and syrup bottles, caps and medicine bottles.

No. 6: meat trays, egg cartons, aspirin bottles, and compact disc cases.

No. 7: three- and five-gallon water bottles, DVD cases.

For more information on recycling material, visit www.mymanatee.org

Leaf pickup

Howard Shadduck announced that leaf pickup will begin on Monday, Oct. 29, and continue through the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, Nov. 21, weather permitting. Schedule for pickups: Mondays, both sides of Market Street and all streets east of Market; Tuesdays or Wednesdays, all streets west of Market; Thursdays, Overlook, Sunnyside and Windom Lane. Residents are asked to rake leaves to the edges of the roadway, not in ditches, and in wind rows no larger than 3 feet wide or 3 feet high; no piles. Leaves with sticks, rocks or yard waste or not in wind rows will not be picked up. Call 672-2040 with messages or questions.

Trick or treat early

Supervisors again announced that trick or treat will take place from 5 to 8 p.m. Monday, Oct. 29, noting that the earlier start would be safer for younger trick-or-treaters, since there will still be daylight.

The board voted to hold the annual budget meeting at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 23. Chairman Chip Wetzel said the meeting will be open to the public, but emphasized that the budget will be the only topic.

Also, the supervisors' office will be closed from Oct. 15 to 19 because of a staffing issue, although messages will be checked during that time.

Manager's, solicitor's, street, building, zoning, police, recreation and engineering department reports were submitted and approved. All supervisors were present.