SHAMOKIN - The News-Item encouraged readers to post their favorite memories of Shamokin or encouraging comments on the newspaper's Facebook page. Readers did not disappoint. Here are a few:

Barb Raup Petrovich: Block parties at the bandstand.

Mindy Smink Nolter: My parents were both from shamokin and moved to nj in 1959. I have been coming up here my entire life and one thing that I can remember ever since I was small was the closeness of the community and ppl. I loved everything about this area....The picnics.....The block parties....The benefits that took place for those in need. You just don't get that in a big city. After spending my entire life in nj....I made a big move and can to live here. I put myself through school at McCann in sunbury and have a very fulfilling career. I also married the man of my dreams from the area. I can now call shamokin/coal township my forever home.

Rocco Michael Sassani: My fondest Shamokin memory was Happy Pete that said Hello Friend to all And played ya Happy Birthday on his harmonica whenever ya told him it was your birthday.

KaSandra Eltringham: When I was younger they had block parties at the band stand more often then now. They brought in rides and games and lots of different food venders. I would love for that to happen for my children. The city pool was cheap and stayed opened late.

Brittany Elizabeth: The block parties at the band stand rock the block for the 4th of july weekend and all the parades the city use to have!!!!

Melanie Kiefaber Lomas: Cruising downtown with my friends when I was in high school in the 1980s. Buying homemade polish food at the church block parties. Roller skating at Skate R Way in middle school. Walking around the stadium at the football games, especially when the "coal bucket" was at stake. I have so many fond memories of growing up in Shamokin!

Sheila Pavelko: Favorite memories of Shamokin would include a trip to Martz's for ice cream cones!

Rose Orner: The yearly sidewalk sales.

Terri Lee Bowman: Going to Jupiter store, as a kid, with my Mem n her sister. Good times, great memories.

Joe Willis: As a boy in the 60's and 70's Riding the "loop bus" with Mom to town on a Saturday Morning to shop at the farmers market. Mom would fill her scripts at Sun Ray Drugs. They had good deals in there on different items in the bins... Then Mom would drag me (LOL) into every womans store in town..And there were lots of them.. We would have Lunch at either Woolworths or Newberry's .. Both had awesome burgers and fries. We would spend the whole day in town.. Having supper at Coney Island, Big Daddy's or the R restaurant. Then Mom and I would wait on the bus in front of Tobias' for the journey back to Springfield on the last bus of the day lugging all the bags home. .. I will always cherish those memories shopping downtown Shamokin with my dear sweet Mom..

Anne Miller Murray: Growing up in Irish Valley I thought it was the greatest thing to spend a week in the summer with my Mammam and Pappap who lived in the west end of town. Me and my Mammam would walk into town and go to all the stores like Newberry's, Woolworth's, Jupiter and Mosers to name a few. And sometimes she would let me walk around the block by myself. I felt like a big deal. ( We didn't have blocks to walk in the country so that was special.) The West End Meat Market held special memories, not only because my family worked there, but because all the guys were so much fun. Always kidding around. I have so many wonderful memories!

Donna Kopitsky: Loved it when stores were mom, brother and I would take the bus from Brady and get off at the first stop in Shamokin, walk downtown, shop, stop at Woolworth;s or Newberry;s for some ices cream or a hot dog, walked to the other end of town and took the bus back to Brady...those were the good old days..I loved doing that!!!

Sheila Pavelko: Kreisel's meat market.

Jarad Zarkowski: The pet store in Newberry's.

Jessa Nicole Paczkoski: Block Parties at the block party they were the best.

Donna Willis: Cruising town and hanging out in front Grazziano's Pizza (before he was Petes Pizza) with all my friends, when we got chased from there we went in front of Lil Tommy's Restaurant and hung out! Jupiter Deli! We used to have some really good stores! Riding the elevator in JC Penney.

Rich Humes: Cherry Coke at the Tea Shop.

Michael Meledick: I remember the 100th year celebration in the 60s.

Missy Damron: I use to the block parties they had on independence street every year and the night swims at rock street pool.

Amanda Krebs: Going to the Tea Shop and the Minuteman with my grandfather... spent a lot of time walking in the cemetery looking at all the stones and learning about the history of the town... the fire alarm... counting the blasts and finding where it was on a paper that hung on my grandparents cellar door. Block parties. COMMUNITY PRIDE!!!!

Diane Frances: Hanging out in town with friends...cruising independence st...rollerskating and dances at knoebels...swimming at edgewood...watching football games from the hill by wood softee ice cream..louie logics corner store for penny candy and real vanilla or cherry coke...playgrounds full of kids..playing games on our corner til after dark..softball games (and food) up ferndale name a few....

Justin D. Parker: I am a Texas born and raised a country music song writer, my in-laws left Shamokin about 35 years ago looking for work and wound up in Texas. I visited there one time and I can say it was the most friendly group of people I have ever met, I was welcomed as a friend not an outsider and the pride in that city is palpable. I was lucky enough to see the 4th of July celebration with fireworks, visit Knoebels, and have pizza from a place my mother in law drug me too but I forgot the name, and it was a dang good pizza for this Texas boy. When I returned from my trip I felt compelled to write an Americana style song about the city of Shamokin loosely based on a true story of my in-laws, I only visited one time but I feel like I'm an honorary member of the city lol if you'd like to hear this song, its called "Leaving Shamokin Behind" and is at