ELYSBURG - Ralpho Township is expected to receive approximately $83,000 from Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), supervisors announced during their regular meeting Tuesday. However, CEDA-COG representatives Jamie Shrawder and Tyler Domanski said no specifics were stated as to how the money was to be used, and ideas for projects would be discussed at the next meeting.

Any citizen with a project idea is asked to attend the next monthly meeting April 8 at the township municipal building. The final meeting and application approval date is yet to be determined, but that meeting will be held at the Northumberland County Administration Building in Sunbury.

Street sweeping

A motion was made by Blaine Madara to rent a brush machine from Voughts Equipment at a rate of $225 per day to clean up salt and anti-skid material from the roads. The cleanup is estimated to take three days. The motion passed and the township will plan to begin road cleanup within the next few weeks.

Case backhoe

A Case backhoe, which was approved for purchase in December, will arrive next week. Case asked township officials to hold a demonstration of Case machinery so other municipalities can see what Case machines do. The demonstration would be only open to representatives of other municipalities and is closed to businesses or individuals. Case would be bringing another machine for the demonstration and would not be using the newly purchased Ralpho Township machine.

Township supervisors voted to allow Case to put on the requested demonstration. A date for the demonstration has not been set.

Regional police force

Chief of Police Stu Appel was asked his advice on correspondence received from Robert Slaby, Coal Township business manager, regarding a study on regionalization of local police departments.

Appel said he thinks regional policing is a good idea; however, he doesn't feel it would be a benefit to Ralpho Township. The board of supervisors unanimously agreed they are not interested in regionalizing its police force with nearby municipalities.

Shamokin, Coal Township, Kulpmont and Zerbe Township have agreed to write a letter of intent for a study to determine the benefits of regionalizing their police forces. Officials from Mount Carmel and Mount Carmel Township, have shown interest, but have not made an official vote.

Fee reconsidered

Supervisors reconsidered a motion that passed at February's meeting to increase the rental fee for the church volleyball league from $175 to $300. Madara said the league hasn't seen a rate increase in 15 years. Wetzel said the change in fees is more than a 100 percent increase. Stephen Major suggested the rate increase to $250 for 2014 and 2015 and to $300 thereafter. The other supervisors agreed and voted and passed Major's compromise on the rental fees for the township gym.

In other business

The board passed:

- a motion made by Dan Williams to donate $2,500 to Ralpho Youth Sports was passed.

- a motion made to sell the unmarked police cruiser passed. Appelthe cruiser can no longer pass inspection; however, someone might be interested in purchasing the vehicle solely for the engine, a LT1 Corvette with approximately 80,000 miles.

- Ordinance 171, which creates standards for campground maintenance, effective immediately. The ordinance affects campgrounds at Mossy Point, the Gun Club and Knoebels Amusement Resort.

The next regular monthly meeting will be held 6:30 p.m. April 8 at the Ralpho Township Municipal Building.