SUNBURY - Ed Quiggle Jr., who is currently the elected Pennsylvania state constable for Sunbury's Ninth Ward, has announced his candidacy for Sunbury City Council. Quiggle was elected constable in the 2011 general election as a Republican write-in candidate.

He is also the interim state team leader for PANDA (People Against the NDAA) Pennsylvania. "I will once again be asking the voters of Sunbury to cast a write-in vote for me, this time as a candidate for council," Quiggle said. "I am running because I think Sunbury is headed in the wrong direction. I think we need to do more to get and keep government out of our lives and out of our way. Only this will restore the city and bring prosperity back to Sunbury. I will fight to cut unnecessary spending, cut taxes and protect your liberty."

Quiggle recently endorsed Councilman Joe Bartello's campaign for mayor. Bartello has endorsed Quiggle for council, calling him a "leader in defending our rights and our property." Bartello said he believes Quiggle would be a great choice for city coujcil.

"We need to elect a slate of Sunbury liberty candidates this year. That is the only way we can begin to fix things," Quiggle remarked. "Our city is violating property rights with the abuse of eminent domain. It is headed toward a warrantless surveillance state with the coming installation of hundreds of cameras, and we have a mayor who believes tax increases are inevitable. The council has refused to pass a resolution to protect people from indefinite detention within the city. This is not acceptable."

Quiggle and Bartello urge voters to go to their websites for more information.