BLOOMSBURG - A female prisoner suspected of having hepatitis C faces a charge of felony assault by a prisoner for allegedly spitting on two Columbia County corrections officer.

According to the Press Enterprise in Bloomsburg, the spitting attack came during a violent outburst in the prison by Jaime Jo Brannon, 39, of Bloomsburg, who was known in the past as Jamie Jo Graf.

According to arrest papers cited by the newspaper, when Brannon was taken to the medical unit on Feb. 16 for a panic attack, she allegedly became agitated, bashing her head against a wall, and lashed out at the guards when they attempted to restrain her.

The corrections officers were identified as Jeremy Keefer and Brad Hipps.

She had pleaded guilty to a charge of driving under the influence of alcohol dating from 2004, and had been ordered to serve 48 hours in jail.