SUNBURY - Four county prison board members were either nominated or asked to fill the chairmanship vacancy Wednesday, but all of them declined.

At the end of the board meeting, Commissioner Vinny Clausi stressed the need to appoint a chairman, a position that has been open since January's reorganization meeting. As vice chairman, Commissioner Richard Shoch has been in charge of prison board issues and conducting meetings for the past few three months.

Commissioner Stephen Bridy nominated Sheriff Robert Wolfe for chairman, but he declined due to the pressing duties of his own office. Clausi then nominated Bridy, but failed to receive a second.

Controller Chris Grayson was asked to fill the post, but declined. He currently serves as board secretary.

Bridy then nominated Clausi, but he also declined, citing his duties as commissioner chairman.

The board finally agreed with a recommendation by Grayson to table the issue.

Shoch will remain in charge of the prison board for at least two more months since members agreed not to take further action on the chairmanship until Clausi recuperates from surgery he is scheduled to undergo today.

Clausi announced he will only be available by telephone for county business for the next two months.