MOUNT CARMEL - Can one man destroy hundreds of the potholes riddling Mount Carmel's streets?

Pothole Killers is attempting to do just that.

Residents may have noticed the truck slowly cruising Mount Carmel's roads, occasionally stopping to spew tar and stones onto the street.

The Mount Carmel Borough Council voted to engage Pothole Killers, a subsidiary of Patch Management Inc., in June for $25,430 after the company told Edward T. Cuff, borough manager, it could fill in all the potholes on a list of 30 stretches of road and maybe even a few more in about two weeks.

The truck works as a singular entity, driven by one man and completing all the steps of filling in a pothole.

A fan attached to a long arm in the front of the truck blows dust and debris off the marked area. A tar solution then comes out of the same arm, followed by stones that are carried to the site in the back of the truck.

The truck is efficient and can fill a pothole in minutes.

Mike Magennis watched from his porch while the truck repaired the pockmarked street in front of his house on West Avenue.

"It's nice that they don't have to use all that manpower," said Magennis. "It's just one guy."

Pothole Killers was contracted to complete 75 hours of work over 10 days. Today is their last day in town.

Anthony Matulewicz III, borough council president, said he is pleased with the work completed.

"For the price of that, to fix all those potholes, it's amazing," he said.

Matulewicz noted the only issue with the repair work is the patching took some time to set because of the heat.

Vehicles passing over fresh patches kicked up the tiny stones, which bothered some people, he said, but this issue only lasted a few hours at the most.

"After that, it's hard as a rock," said Matulewicz.