RANSHAW - No one was injured when a porch roof partially collapsed at 313 Main St. Friday afternoon.

Volunteers from the Group Cares Workcamp, a Christian mission, were replacing the decking on a second floor front porch when the roof pulled away from the home about 2:50 p.m.

"They're doing such a good job. It was just an accident," said homeowner Barbara Banks. "Thank God they weren't hurt. That really was a freak thing for that to happen."

George Tucker, of St. Louis, Mo., an adult volunteer supervisor for Group Cares, said a column had been removed to finish the decking. Three teenagers had just walked indoors from the porch when the collapse occurred.

"I don't know if closing the door (caused it)," Tucker said. "It's all just rotted."

While the roof shingles and flashing appeared in good shape, the rotting was evident after the collapse. Banks said there was no way to tell beforehand.

The roof was temporarily secured with lumber from ground level. Chris Petrovich, township code officer, said a contractor would have to tear it down.

Banks has lived at the home since 1990. She is insured and had already begun filing a claim less than an hour after the incident. Her son, David Burroughs, is also listed on a deed as a homeowner.

Members of Coal Township Fire Department and the Shamokin Rescue Squad responded, as did Northumberland County Public Safety and AREA Services.

Nearly 400 volunteers made repairs this week on a previously estimated 66 homes in the greater Shamokin area at no cost to the homeowners.