BUTLER TOWNSHIP - Bear, a 2-year-old Pomeranian who was missing for almost two months, has been found, much to the delight of his owner, Natalie Cherkoski, of Shenandoah.

Bear, who ran from Cherkoski's vehicle after it was involved in an accident July 2 on Route 54 between Ashland and Girardville, was the subject of a News-Item story on Aug. 15 after a dog that resembled him was spotted along the railroad tracks in the Shamokin area by Michelle McCrary. That Pomeranian turned out not to be Cherkoski's dog; Bear was recovered this week at Fountain Springs in Butler Township.

Cherkoski, who is still recovering from accident injuries, never gave up hope that she would be reunited with Bear. She eventually enlisted the services of a psychic.

"She (the psychic) told me exactly where to look and how to find him," Cherkoski said. "She said it was important that I go alone because I was the one Bear wanted to come to." She yelled Bear's name several times and said some prayers, and within 10 minutes, the Pomeranian ran down a mountain and jumped into her arms.

Cherkoski plans to take Bear to a veterinarian soon, but, thankfully, he appears healthy, she said, except for a flea infestation that is nothing out of the ordinary, considering his extended time outdoors. "He was certainly scavenging food somewhere, but I can tell he did lose a little weight," she added.

Cherkoski said she is grateful to everyone who was concerned about Bear's absence and assisted in the search.