COAL TOWNSHIP - A Shamokin couple were charged for allegedly stealing a wallet containing approximately $700 and other belongings from a hospital waiting room Aug. 9.

Dawn Marie McCann, 37, of 630 E. Clay St., was charged by Patrolman Jason Adams with theft and receiving stolen property while her husband, Andrew McCann, 27, was charged with receiving stolen property.

Police reported a Geisinger-Shamokin Area Community Hospital employee in the triage area was processing Dawn Marie McCann at about 2:30 p.m. when a female came to the service window with a black ladies wallet she found lying in the waiting area. Police said McCann immediately claimed the wallet was hers and was given it by the employee who did not look inside.

After taking the wallet - which is owned by Michelle Day, of Shamokin - McCann was taken to a room in the emergency department, but left a short time later, claiming she was tired of waiting for a doctor. McCann then signed herself out of the hospital without being treated.

Police said Day, who also was a patient at the hospital, later informed emergency room staff she left her wallet in the waiting area. Day said the wallet contained her driver's license, Social Security card, a bank card, a gold necklace and approximately $700 in cash.

Day said the wallet had a metal strip around the flap and a strap-type closure.

During an Aug. 10 interview with police, McCann's husband said his wife texted him from the hospital after obtaining the wallet. Andrew McCann told police he advised his wife to take the wallet and leave the hospital, and that he would get her a ride home.

After his wife arrived home, Andrew McCann said he took the wallet, emptied it out, cut up all the cards he found inside and threw the wallet in the trash.

Andrew McCann also told police he gave his wife $30 from the wallet to get food and cigarettes and another $40 for gas money.

Andrew McCann, who claimed he never counted the money, said approximately half of the money was spent on food for him and his daughter, cigarettes and lottery tickets.

After giving his statement to police, Andrew McCann gave Adams $213 in cash and a gold necklace with a white stone that the officer secured into evidence. McCann said the cash and necklace were the only things he had left from the wallet.