SHAMOKIN - A 54-year-old city man who claimed to be God is accused of threatening to kill police officers, spitting at them and causing more than $1,000 in damage to a police cruiser after being taken into custody for a disturbance outside his home early Tuesday.

Daniel Robert Gustitus, of 28 N. Rock St., who is incarcerated on a probation detainer, has been charged by Patrolman Raymond Siko II with felonies of aggravated assault and aggravated harassment by a prisoner, and misdemeanors of criminal mischief, institutional vandalism and disorderly conduct (two counts) relating to incidents that began around 4:15 a.m.

As Siko and Cpl. Bryan Primerano responded to Gustitus' residence after receiving a complaint of a man screaming in the middle of the street, they spotted Gustitus walking north on Rock Street toward Race Street. Siko said Gustitus, who was wearing only a pair of jeans and socks, then began walking in an aggressive manner toward the officers while clutching his fists and yelling.

Police reported Gustitus refused to adhere to commands to get on the ground and continued advancing before eventually complying with the orders. As police handcuffed Gustitus as a safety precaution, he started yelling that he was God and would kill both officers for arresting him while his wife was sick.

According to a criminal complaint, Gustitus continued screaming as he was led to a police car, prompting multiple neighbors to come out onto their porches or look through their windows.

Gustitus continued to resist before being placed in the back of a cruiser, then became very combative and once again threatened to kill the officers, police said.

Upon arriving at Shamokin Police Station several blocks away, Gustitus refused to exit the car before being escorted from the vehicle. He then started screaming in the parking lot that he would kill officers if he got the opportunity.

Placed in a holding cell at the station, Gustitus spit at Siko as he was taking his handcuffs off, police said. They said Gustitus continued to scream and threaten officers and their families while in the cell. At one point, police said Gustitus threatened to go to Siko's home and kill his family in front of him.

After Gustitus claimed he was going to have a seizure, police contacted emergency medical personnel, but the defendant refused treatment while continuing to act in a threatening manner.

After learning Gustitus was on probation, police made arrangements to transport him to Northumberland County Prison in Sunbury for violating his probation. But Gustitus once again resisted as police were walking him to a cruiser.

At this point, Gustitus complained of knee pain, prompting police to transport him to Geisinger-Shamokin Area Community Hospital for evaluation. Gustitus continued to be disruptive at the hospital and told Siko to go home and commit suicide because it would be easier than what Gustitus would do to him.

At 6 a.m., Primerano and Special Officer 2 Norman Lukoskie transported Gustitus to the county jail. While traveling along Route 61, approximately one mile from Sunbury, police said Gustitus, who had his arms and legs handcuffed and was wearing a transport belt, lifted up his legs and kicked out the rear windows on the police car.

Police stopped the vehicle to prevent possible injury to themselves or Gustitus, but the suspect continued to kick at one of the windows and attempted to climb out.

Police said broken glass was lying on the highway, forcing motorists to cross into the opposite lane.

Police said Gustitus, who was warned several times to desist his behavior, then bounced up and down on the glass in an attempt to cut himself and kicked the roof of the car.

Primerano and Lukoskie were then assisted by two Sunbury police officers, but Gustitus continued to scream to police to let him go and threatened to kill the officers. At this point, Gustitus attempted to spit at police, who then placed a spit hood over Gustitus' head.

Officers were able to finally remove Gustitus from the rear of the vehicle and applied additional restraints.

Gustitus is scheduled to be arraigned on the charges Tuesday before Magisterial District Judge John Gembic III.