DELAWARE TOWNSHIP - A Turbotville man was placed in Northumberland County Prison following a bizarre incident Saturday morning involving elements often seen in Hollywood slasher flicks.

Guy A. Black, 76, was arraigned Sunday before on-call Magisterial District Judge Hugh Jones of Mount Carmel on aggravated assault and related charges which were not named by state police at Milton.

Police say that Black was involved in a disagreement on Friday with the property owner with whom he resides at 5395 Susquehanna Trail, Delaware Township. After Black left the residence, the victim, Ronald Lee Tanner, 59, of Turbotville, changed the exterior door locks. At approximately 10:09 a.m. Saturday, Black returned to the residence and became irate when he discovered he was locked out.

Black proceeded to enter the home through an unlocked basement door and, after a failed attempt to gain access to the first floor through a locked wooden door at the top of the basement steps, started to strike the door with an axe while Tanner held it closed from the opposite side. He then utilized a chainsaw in his attempts to gain entry.

Tanner eventually exited the residence only to be approached by Black, who was still wielding a chainsaw and threatening to cut him, in the front yard of the property. Black then swung the chainsaw at Tanner's chest, striking his sweatshirt and a finger on his right hand.

The material from the sweatshirt jammed the chainsaw, disabling it and giving Tanner time to obtain an umbrella from his truck he used to strike Black, knocking him to the ground where he was able to pin him until police arrived on scene.

Following his arraignment, Black was placed in Northumberland County Prison on $100,000 bail.