SHAMOKIN - Police said two Bengal cats are roaming free in the city after they caused minor injury to their owner and left their home Tuesday.

Despite a spotted marble coat similar to that of the Bengal tiger, Bengal cats are normal-sized house cats, and the public is not in danger. However, police would like help returning the cats to their owner.

Shamokin City Police Patrolman Nathan Rhodes said the cats left their East Chestnut Street home Tuesday after they became aggressive and attacked. The owner, who was not identified, was treated and released from a medical facility for an animal bite.

According to the International Cat Association, a registry of pedigreed cats, Bengal cats were developed from crossing domestic cats and the Asian leopard cat. The breed is described as an active, inquisitive cat that loves to be up high and is busy by nature.

"For individuals or families who enjoy rambunctious, funny, beautiful and dynamic feline companionship, consider the Bengal," the association's website reads.

Rhodes said the Pennsylvania Game Commission was called to consult with police. A commission representative said the cats are legal to own, and there are 20 Bengal cat breeders in Pennsylvania.

The commission won't take any further action, police said.

Police said anyone who sees the two Bengal cats are advised to treat them like they would any stray animal and are asked to contact police regarding their whereabouts.