SHAMOKIN - A Kulpmont woman is accused of having sex last fall with a 17-year-old male detainee at Northwestern Academy, Coal Township, where she worked for a food service subcontractor.

The unidentified accuser told Coal Township police that Aimee L. Bailey, 31, of 1128 Poplar St., seduced him by talking about sex, showing him nude cell phone photos of herself and asking to kiss.

Bailey told police she believed the accuser when he allegedly said he was 18 years old, and that he was the aggressor.

After initially rejecting his advances, she said she gave into his persistence and the two grew intimate, kissing and touching several times, and engaging in oral sex on at least three occasions, according to a criminal complaint filed Friday at the office of Magisterial District Judge John Gembic III.

She admitted to having intercourse with the accuser

on one occasion, Nov. 10, the complaint states. It allegedly happened inside a female bathroom at one of the kitchens on the grounds of the juvenile detention facility. Her accuser said she led him there by the wrist. Another Academy detainee caught on to what was occurring between the two, the accuser said, and told him to "go for it."

Bailey described the encounter as a "quickie" that included kissing for about three minutes and intercourse for up to four minutes.

The sex, she reportedly told police, was unprotected.

After the alleged intercourse both said they had little to no direct contact with each other.

Bailey was working for a subcontractor, identified by police as Litton's Management Service, and was fired in November after the allegations surfaced.

She is charged by Patrolman Matthew Hashuga with third-degree felony counts of institutional sexual assault of a minor and corruption of minors.

Bailey had never been directly employed by Northwestern Human Services, the academy's parent company, according to a company spokesman. He declined further comment to The News-Item on all other inquiries.

It's unclear if the accuser is still at Northwestern Academy.

Attempts to find contact information for Litton's Management Service were unsuccessful.

Bailey does not have a publicly listed phone number.

The case was referred to police on Nov. 18 by the state Department of Public Welfare. According to the complaint, suspicions were raised among academy staff after a letter mailed from Bailey's Kulpmont address arrived for the accuser, who is from the Lancaster area.

The accuser, who turned 18 in December, arrived at the facility in June. He began working in the kitchen in the secure facility in September when he met the recently hired Bailey. She was his supervisor. She said she was 30 years old and that she recently moved to Kulpmont with her children after separating from her husband. The two struck up a friendship, and the relationship allegedly became flirtatious and sexual. They were occasionally alone together during their shifts in the kitchen.

When the accuser was transferred on Oct. 31 to another section of the detention facility, he told police Bailey had already asked for an address at which she could write him. She did so twice, listing her home address but not her name on the envelope, police said. A note that she purportedly passed to him inside the facility was also obtained by police.

They met again in early November when they worked together in a different kitchen within the facility, where the intercourse is alleged to have occurred.

Another academy resident walked in on the two fooling around earlier, Bailey told police. She sent that resident to use the telephone so the two could be alone later in the shift, about 7 p.m., the accuser said.

The letters arrived at Northwestern after Nov. 10. Bailey reportedly told police she sent them before the two had consensual sex.

The accuser said he never read the letters, only learning of them when approached by academy staff. He told the staff his side of the story.

Police said Bailey initially denied any sexual activity between the two. According to the complaint, she then admitted to kissing and intimate touching, ultimately telling police that they had oral sex and sexual intercourse.

A warrant has been issued for Bailey's arrest, according to Gembic.