DANVILLE - A lone Democratic challenger will take on state Rep. Kurt Masser for the 107th Legislative District seat in this year's election.

Chris Pfaff, 56, of Cooper Township, Montour County, has filed paperwork to run for the Democratic nomination, heading for a November election date against Republican incumbent Kurt Masser, who is currently running unopposed and has held the office since 2010.

When asked why he was running for office, Pfaff simply replied, "Why not?"

"We haven't had a voice for 'We the People' in decades," Pfaff noted "It's time we had one."

This will be Pfaff's fourth bid for the seat. The first two bids came in 1994 and 1996, when he ran on the Republican ticket against Bob Belfanti.

He switched to the Democratic party in 2012, but remained staunch in his conservative beliefs. The party switch, Pfaff said in 2012, was a strategic move to take advantage of Northumberland County's majority Democratic electorate.

That year, he lost in the Democratic primary to Ted Yeager, of Elysburg, who was defeated by Masser in the general election.

Pfaff said he has been canvassing the district looking for signatures and has found some kindred spirits on many levels.

"I have found that my ideals match up with about 99 percent of the people that I talk to," the candidate said.

When asked about what he hoped to accomplish in Harrisburg if elected, Pfaff said that question has been asked to him many times in many ways, and that he's always answered it the same way.

"There are a lot of things that need to be brought up that no one has brought up yet, which is what I would do," he said.

One example he gave was finding some way of reforming frivolous lawsuits.

"I'm sick and tired of the lawyers and career politicians in Harrisburg. Because of that, we don't have tort reform and there is no way to penalize the source of these frivolous lawsuits."

Pfaff hopes to be elected to be a voice for the electorate.

"There are very few legislators that are one of 'We the People'," he said. "If there is another one, I will be glad to join him."