Note: Several paragraphs of a story involving a hearing in the homicide case of defendants Elytte and Miranda Barbour were inadvertently covered by a photo and caption on Wednesday's front page. The complete first section of the story is reprinted here.

SUNBURY - A Northumberland County judge is mulling legal arguments to determine if the knife Miranda Barbour confessed to using to stab a Port Trevorton man to death will be admitted as evidence during her capital murder trial.

The defense and prosecution questioned two police officers and a former roommate of Barbour's about the residence where she lived with her co-defendant husband, Elytte Barbour.

Both are facing trial for the Nov. 11 murder of Troy LaFerrara.

Edward Greco, Northumberland County chief public defender, has motioned that the incorrect listing on a search warrant of the address of the Barbours' home makes the warrant invalid. As a result, Greco believes the alleged murder weapon should be barred as evidence.

The Barbours lived at 101 N. Water St., a two-story white home. That's where the warrant was served and the knife found hidden in the attic, tucked into insulation inside a wall. However, the address on the warrant was listed three times as 101 N. Market St., a three-story yellow brick home. Both addresses were listed in the affidavit used to acquire the warrant, and photos of both homes were displayed in court.