MOUNT CARMEL - The following memorials were presented to Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church in September:

William Jacoby from Mary Rudisill.

Annabel Skonecki from Mary Rudisill, Doug Pieri.

Mrs. Fay Andes from daughter Eileen and Lisa Andes.

Robert Conniff from Theresa Conniff.

For the health of Mary Siano from Chris and Michelle.

Walter and Lillian Cress from Ulana family.

Richard Battista from Joseph Stutz III; Dunleavy, Richards and Kocher family; Suzanne and Michael Nameth, Ted and Debra Starinshak, Violette Siesholtz, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sacco, Clara Mychak, Dot Yablonski.

Michael Whyne from Anna Pinamonti.

Bertha Chesney (anniversary) from Millie Mushalko and family.

John (Blackie) Czeslowski (birthday) from Millie Mushalko and family.

Robert Tarlecki from wife Theresa; Mike, Bob and Jim.

Michael Buhay from cousin Nicholas Buhay.

Chris and Michelle Sterba (first anniversary) from gram Tarlecki.

Josephine Nicolette (birthday) from Mr. and Mrs. Roman Kenenitz.

Richard Harris from Anna Pinamonti, Anne Darrup and family.