It's part of life that we often don't appreciate something unless we see it through someone else's eyes.

A major benefit of taking kids somewhere is that we get to enjoy ourselves seeing them enjoy themselves. An amusement park that we have seen dozens or even hundreds of times suddenly becomes a new pleasure when we watch children sample the rides, food and other attractions.

A similar experience happened when I somehow got involved with the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults program conducted by several local parishes. Priests, a deacon, artist, musicians and lay people took turns explaining the Roman Catholic faith to Britney, who was a candidate to become a member of the church at the Easter Vigil Service.

For many weeks, Britney, her boyfriend John and that week's presenter were the only ones there. Week after week, she kept coming back to continue her faith journey.

Often, when we grow up in a particular religion or denomination, we tend to take it for granted. However, when we run into someone who is as sincere and conscientious in pursuing her spiritual development as Britney is, it can give us a new perspective on life.

Sometimes we need someone to show us that the world is a joyous, spirit-lifting place when we look with eyes of faith at God's creation.


Our eyes really don't see unless they are focused on God.