SUNBURY - Overtime expenses at Northumberland County Prison were reduced by approximately $50,000 in 2010, according to a report issued at Wednesday morning's prison board meeting.

Northumberland County Commissioner and prison board chairman Frank Sawicki reported payroll at the prison in 2010 totaled $1,809,751, including $95,030.50 (5,196 hours) in overtime pay. Although the county went over its budget for overtime by approximately $30,000, 2010 marked a significant improvement from 2009 when the county exceeded its overtime budget by more than $100,000.

The total payroll in 2009 was $1,648,332, including $145,589 (7,942 hours) in overtime expenses.

Prison board members commended Warden Roy Johnson for reducing overtime costs through various methods.

In other business, President Judge Robert B. Sacavage complimented Dondalynn Snyder, a registered nurse and health services administrator at the prison, for providing a breakdown of various medications used by inmates each month.

According to Snyder's monthly report, 75 inmates, or 41.9 percent of the prison population, were on prescription medications in December, while 97 prisoners, or 54.2 percent of the population, were on over-the-counter medications last month.

Snyder said more inmates usually get sick during the winter months, which leads to an increase in medications.

As of Jan. 5, the prison population was 187.

District Attorney Tony Rosini praised Johnson for his assistance during Michael Harrell's double homicide trial in November.

A 10-minute executive session was held at the end of the meeting for litigation and personnel matters, but no additional business was conducted when the board reconvened.

In addition to Sawicki, Sacavage and Rosini, other prison board members in attendance were Sheriff Chad Reiner and Controller Charles "Chuck" Erdman. Commissioners Vinny Clausi and Merle Phillips were absent.