COAL TOWNSHIP - Shamokin Area Middle/High School has announced an orientation program for incoming seventh-grade students will be held at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday Aug. 27 in the middle/high school auditorium.

Chris Venna, principal, will be welcoming those in attendance. This will be followed by William Callahan, assistant principal, who will provide information to both students and parents or guardians about their school day.

The students will then be sent to their homerooms to receive their locker number and combination. Students will have time to practice opening their lockers and listen to their homeroom teachers discuss homeroom procedures. Meanwhile, parents/guardians will remain in the auditorium to hear Callahan speak on attendance and truancy; James Dressler, physical education teacher, anti-bullying club; Matther Weller, guidance counselor, guidance services and STOP team; Mindy Lagerman, food service director, Café-Trac system; and Sandy Zurick, school nurse, medical policies and responsibilities. Students can also bring money to deposit into their Café-Trac account during the orientation.

The parents/guardians will then meet up with the students in their homerooms to get important information and forms. These forms must be returned on the first day of school.

Also, students will receive their schedules and be able to walk around the school to locate their classrooms. The middle school and high school National Honor Society members will be on hand to help students find their classes.

The school district hopes all seventh graders and their parents or guardians will attend the orientation.