COAL TOWNSHIP - Our Lady of Lourdes Regional School sent a team of students to compete in the Junior Achievement (JA) Titan Competition in Business at the Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit in Milton.

Participating students were Nick Adams, William Allen, Dakota Maneval, Makayla Persing and Grace Rompolski.

Throughout the day, students had the opportunity to gain new work readiness skills, interact with local business leaders and showcase their business savvy while competing against students from other area schools.

Jim Barbarich, president and CEO of M-C Federal Credit Union, kicked off the day with information and activities about business ethics. Afterwards, students from seven area high schools competed in the JA Titan Competition.

Using the JA Titan computerized business simulation, this competition takes student teams to the year 2035 where they take on the role of the CEO of a Halo-Generator company. The students must manage their virtual business to gain market dominance over the other student-led teams. The success or failure of this business is based upon how well participants manage key issues such as price, production, marketing, research and development, capital investment, and charitable giving. 

This fast-paced competition allows students to apply their business savvy and experience the highs and lows of leading a business. In the end, the student team with the highest market share was crowned JA Titan Champion. This year the winning team from Meadowbrook Christian School qualified for the national competition.