SHAMOKIN - Settlement offers have been made to the owners of seven homes damaged by flooding in September 2011.

The owners were given until March 1 to accept the offers and continue with a voluntary demolition project, or opt out. If they choose the latter, the properties must be brought up to code.

One settlement offer has been accepted and returned to the city, City Clerk Steve Bartos said Wednesday.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency authorized

the settlements. Funding

will be given to the city to divvy among the owners as proposed by the agency. Once a check is cut and cashed, ownership of the property is transferred to the city. After that, all properties sold for demolition must be torn down within 60 days, and the land can only be planted with vegetation.

Six homes on South Rock Street and a seventh home on North Third Street were condemned after the flooding. Bartos said all owners have since found new housing.

FEMA approved $203,120 last year toward the proposed demolition, but it's not clear if that figure has changed. Settlement figures are being withheld by the city until property owners make a decision on the offers.

Targeted for demolition are a row of homes from 10 to 16 S. Rock St. as well as 44 and 48 S. Rock St. and 606 N. Third St.

Bartos had previously said all property owners were on board with the program, but indicated the process has proven difficult for the displaced city residents.