Race for Education at OLOL

COAL TOWNSHIP - Our Lady of Lourdes Regional School will participate Thursday in the annual Race for Education. Family and friends are invited to join the school in raising funds for the continued update of technology and other essential educational needs.

Each participant will raise funds by asking sponsors to contribute a tax-deductible amount based on laps completed, or a flat donation, if they prefer.

Students may walk or jog around a quarter-mile area as many times as they are able in an hour's time. Students and classes also have the opportunity to compete for a number of prizes and awards based on their participation.

Race times are: Pre-K through second-grade, 9 a.m.; third- to sixth-grades, 11 a.m.; 10th, 11 and 12th grades, noon, and seventh, eighth and ninth grades, 1 p.m.

Street sweeper set for next week

MOUNT CARMEL TOWNSHIP - Mount Carmel Township supervisors asked that residents of Mount Carmel Estates, Oak Ridge Estates and Diamondtown remove their vehicles from the streets Monday for the street sweeper.

They also requested that residents of Atlas remove their vehicles from the north (odd) sides of East and West Saylor and West Girard streets and Columbia Avenue Tuesday and from the south (even) sides of those same streets on Thursday and Friday.

Residents who do not remove their cars from the street on the designated day for street cleaning will receive a $15 ticket, supervisors said.