SUNBURY - Recently-installed district attorney Ann Targonski said Anthony Matulewicz III will become a part-time assistant district attorney in her office, effective Monday.

The county salary board granted Targonski permission Tuesday to hire a part-time ADA at 70 percent of the starting salary of $46,972 with no benefits.

Matulewicz, an attorney from Mount Carmel who serves as borough president, said he's excited for the opportunity to join Targonski's staff and is looking forward to prosecuting cases in the county.

Matulewicz, who has provided legal services to the county for several years as an independent contractor, has been filling in as a full-time ADA since July 8 at a salary of $46,972. He will receive a $32,880 salary as a part-time ADA under a union contract.

Voting to create the part-time position were Commissioners Richard Shoch, Stephen Bridy and Vinny Clausi, and Controller Chris Grayson. Clausi participated by telephone. Targonski did not attend the meeting.

The district attorney, who was sworn into office July 3 to succeed Tony Rosini after he was appointed county judge, also said attorney Julia Skinner of Mount Carmel will be hired as a full-time district attorney Monday at a salary of $46,972.

Other ADAs are William Cole, Michael Toomey and Michael Seward.

Deputy sheriff

The salary board eliminated a deputy sheriff position, but Sheriff Robert Wolfe will not be losing any personnel.

The salary board previously agreed to grant Wolfe another deputy while he was serving in the dual role of acting sheriff and chief deputy sheriff following the resignation of Sheriff Chad Reiner. Edward Griffiths, who retired earlier this year as Shamokin police chief, was appointed to that position. Wolfe later became sheriff when his nomination for the position by Gov. Tom Corbett was confirmed by the Senate.

After Wolfe was named sheriff, deputy sheriff Randy Coe was reappointed to his former position of chief deputy, leaving only five deputy sheriffs instead of six.

In addition to Griffiths, other deputy sheriffs are Dwayne Pidcoe, Henry Schrader, Brad Harvey and Curtis Cooke.

Bridy said Northumberland County President Judge William H. Wiest sent a request to the commissioners at 12:25 p.m. Tuesday to approve a total of $21,230 in salary increases for Deputy Chief Juvenile Probation Officer William J. Rossnock, Juvenile Court Services Supervisor II Lisa Donlan and Juvenile Court Services Supervisor Todd Nye.

But about 15 minutes later, Bridy said Wiest withdrew the request to add the proposed increases to Tuesday's meeting agenda.

Bridy said the request would not have been added to the agenda because it came too late for the 1 p.m. meeting.

In his request for the proposed increases, Wiest said Rossnock, Donlan and Nye have been given more job duties at the same pay while other juvenile probation line staff with less seniority make more money.

Wiest was seeking to increase Rossnock's salary from $50,113 to $57,977, Donlan's salary from $46,653 to $52,507, and Nye's salary from $44,995 to $52,507.

Clausi vowed not to conduct any more salary board meetings this year to prevent department heads from seeking salary increases for their employees and challenged anyone to take him to court over the issue.

Shoch said department heads have a right to request salary board sessions.