NORTHUMBERLAND - John L. Moore, of Northumberland, has announced the publication of "Boats, Bullets & Bears," the seventh book in his Pennsylvania Frontier Series.

The 48-page volume contains true stories of real people caught up in the struggles that took place all along the Pennsylvania frontier throughout the 1700s. The stories in this non-fiction book are set mainly in the valleys of the Delaware, Susquehanna, Juniata and Ohio rivers.

A veteran newspaperman, Moore said he employed a journalist's eye for detail and ear for quotes in order to write about his long-dead subjects in a lively way.

"I can't go back to the 18th century to interview these people, but I can use techniques of modern journalism to present their stories and experiences in a factually accurate way that is interesting for 21st century readers," said Moore.

He said the book is based on 18th and 19th century letters, journals, memoirs and transcripts of official proceedings such as interrogations, depositions and treaties.

The author is also a professional storyteller who specializes in dramatic episodes from Pennsylvania's colonial history. Dressed in 18th frontier ruffian, Moore is available on weekdays, weekends and evenings for audiences and organizations of all types and sizes.

The book was printed by Ink Spot Printing of Selinsgrove, Moore said.

Moore's previous books, all self-published and all part of his Pennsylvania Frontier Series, include: "Cannons, Cattle & Campfires," "Pioneers, Prisoners & Peace Pipes," "Rivers, Raiders & Renegades," "Settlers, Soldiers & Scalps," "Traders, Travelers & Tomahawks" and "Warriors, Wampum & Wolves."

Locally, Moore's books are available in Paxinos at Masser's Country Style Restaurant, and at the Northumberland County Historical Society, Sunbury.