When I was growing up, I watched so many hours of the Summer Olympics and Winter Olympics that I probably should have won a medal. I'm not talking about gold, silver or bronze. I would have settled for tin.

My viewing of the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, Russia, has been limited to highlight clips. I'm not a big fan of ice dancing (or even a small fan), but I couldn't resist watching Meryl Davis and Charlie White becoming the first Americans to win an Olympic gold medal in that event.

Their performance was about as close to musical perfection on ice as we're likely to see. However, I was even more impressed when interviews revealed the couple had been training together for over 17 years.

Davis was nine and White eight when they began their years of countless hours of practice and an untold number of sacrifices. Imagine what they had to give up to achieve their dreams of ice dancing excellence!

Very few of us even ice skate let alone excel at it, but we are all called to a lifelong quest for spiritual excellence.

We will make mistakes, try to correct them and then sin again. We will have to make an untold number of sacrifices to mold our will to God's will. And, no matter how hard we try, we will never come even close to perfection.

But that's OK. Our lifelong work toward holiness does not earn us a material reward such as a gold medal.

It offers a prize that is infinitely more precious - spending an eternity in God's love and with our loved ones.


No sacrifice is too great if it leads us to God.