We cannot feel someone else's pain. As much as we pray for that person and as much as we love that person, we cannot know what that person is going through. Or can we?

A while ago, Jo Ann and I heard that a friend had sustained a very painful injury, one that would require hospitalization, complicated surgery and a long recovery. The friend immediately became part of our daily prayers, but those prayers became more intense and frequent when we met his wife shortly after his surgery.

Her husband's intense pain was reflected in her face. His pain was hers - even if she could not know exactly what it felt like. Whatever hurt him, hurt her.

This should not be surprising. I know for certain that Dad or Mother would have gladly suffered any pain my siblings or I had if we could have been spared. They could not, but they suffered along with us. Either of my cousins would have accepted their son's terminal brain cancer without giving it a second thought.

Love is the common denominator in all these instances. Jesus' sacrifice on Good Friday is the ultimate example of selfless love.

As others have noted, the Son of God became the Son of Man. He allowed himself to undergo the most painful death imaginable on the cross in order to kill death itself and give us the opportunity for life eternal.

Our loved ones share our pain; God knows exactly how it feels. Ultimately, He banishes pain and suffering for those He loves and those we love.

The pain of those we love has also been removed from the empty tomb illuminated by the joy of Easter.


No life is without pain, but with God's love no life is without hope.