MOUNT CARMEL - No injuries were reported to Mount Carmel Area administration following the medical evaluation of students riding a bus that was hit by another vehicle in Shamokin Monday.

But there was concern about the accident because some students sought emergency room treatment, and police were not notified.

Superintendent Bernard Stellar on Tuesday classified the collision as a "very light bump" that caused no damage to the bus when it was struck at approximately 10:30 a.m. on Market Street. It was transporting approximately 30 students back to the district from the Northumberland County Career and Technology Center, Coal Township.

"Some of the kids went to the school nurse, (some) went home, and some went to the emergency room to be evaluated," he said. He didn't know how many in each case. He said he didn't hear anything further, and "no parents have come to us for medical insurance" by the end of the school day Tuesday.

The other vehicle, driven by "an elderly gentleman," had a crack in the front bumper, but the man was not sure whether the damage existed prior to the accident, Stellar said.

No insurance information was exchanged between the two drivers, and police were not called to file a report, he said.

The 46-person bus is contracted by Marvin E. Klinger Inc., Dornsife.

Stellar said administration met with the driver and Klinger representatives Tuesday morning to discuss whether proper protocol was followed, which it wasn't in the case of contacting the administration.

"We were concerned that administration wasn't immediately notified. We are all in agreement now moving forward (on proper protocols)," the superintendent said.

The bus driver, who was not at fault, will not be disciplined, Stellar said.