RANSHAW - The dedication of a new pavilion at the Ranshaw Civic Association (RCA) grounds Thursday evening marked two years of hard work by volunteers of the decades-old organization.

The Rev. Martin Kobos, pastor of Mother Cabrini Church, blessed the 31-by-35 foot structure, built with white ornate columns and stained yellow pine wood. It was dedicated in honor of 63-year Ranshaw resident Margaret Madden, 89, and her late husband, Albert.

Jim Madden, a son of Albert and Margaret, donated the materials. Members and non-members of RCA rolled up their sleeves and built the structure in just over a month.

"We had 20 some people of different specialties working here," said RCA president Mike Demsko. "I am so proud of these people and what they did here."

Demsko, who succeeded the late LaRue Beck as president of the organization in 2012, said it took just five days to erect the columns and the roof, which sit on a large concrete foundation.

The pavilion will be used for the first time today, when the Mother Cabrini Church, Shamokin, holds its 19th annual parish picnic, which runs from 5 to 10 p.m. today and 2 to 10 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

Jim Madden and his siblings, Al, Mike, Barb Shamansky and Kathy Lane, donated a bronze plaque, which will be placed on the structure at a later time. It reads: "In grateful appreciation for showing us how to work, be kind and celebrate family."

"I am glad that they did this. It's a big improvement since they first took over," Margaret Madden said. "They did a lot of work and the guys really worked hard."

Greatly improved

The recreation area has been dramatically improved since the RCA reorganized in 2012. Adding to the beauty of the grounds were the addition of vintage light posts and 35 new benches and picnic tables and the complete renovation of a bathroom.

Future plans for the grounds include tearing down a deteriorating pavilion, finishing an electrical upgrade and replacing a shed, Demsko said.

He thanked the Madden family, Brady Fire Company, ID Builders Inc., which made a donation for the electrical upgrade, and the many volunteers who either donated time or money to improve the grounds.