STONINGTON - The Stonington Volunteer Fire Company elected the following officers for 2013 at their Feb. 25 company meeting.

President, George H. Wolfe Jr.; vice president, Mike McKinney; recording secretary, Dave Yordy; treasurer, Leon Burns; financial secretary, Jasen Judy; director, Barry Swank who joins directors Mark Kramer and Kevin Mowery; fire chief, Kerry Yordy; assistant fire chief, Mark Kramer; captain, George H. Wolfe Jr.; lieutenant, John Sees; foreman, Kevin Mowery; first assistant foreman, Jeff Murphy; and second assistant foreman, Jesse Zerbe.

The fire chief and assistant fire chief also appointed the following fire police: captain, Leon Burns, Russell McKinney, Barry Swank, Dave Yordy, Mike McKinney and Carol Maynard. They will serve two years.

Chief Yordy reported that the company responded to 125 emergency incidents in 2012, which consisted of 59 calls in Shamokin Township, 29 calls in Rockefeller Township, 14 calls in Ralpho Township, 10 calls in Upper Augusta Township, six calls in Snydertown Borough, three calls each in Lower Augusta Township and Coal Township and one call in Little Mahanoy Township.