SHAMOKIN - Deputy coroners in two counties neighboring Northumberland County receive full-time benefits, while four other neighboring counties don't offer benefits for their deputies. In two of those four counties, the coroners themselves do not receive benefits.

Northumberland is a fifth-class county with a population of approximately 94,000. Its neighbors vary greatly in population and in how they treat their coroner staffs as it pertains to benefits.

Yes in Schuylkill, Lycoming

Schuylkill County, which employs two doctors in the

coroner's office, and Lycoming County offer full-time benefits to their deputy coroners.

Coroner Dr. David Moylan and deputy coroner Dr. Joseph Weber are both full-time employees who receive salaries of $42,384.02 and $22,060.54, respectively. Both men are covered under the county's life insurance, health insurance and pension plans, but do not receive pay for vacations, sick days, personal days or holidays. Both doctors pay 1.5 percent of their salary toward medical benefits.

County administrator Mark Scarbinsky pointed out that Schuylkill County, population 147,000, is one of the few counties in the state that has two medical doctors in the coroner's office.

He said the fourth-class county also employs 18 part-time deputy coroners who are paid by call and do not receive benefits.

Chuck Kiessling serves as full-time coroner in fifth-class Lycoming County, which has a population of approximately 117,000. Kiessling's salary is $61,000 and he receives full-time benefits.

His full-time chief deputy, Jerold Ross Sr., gets paid $42,000 per year and also receives full-time benefits. Another full-time deputy coroner, Julianna Currinder, is paid $35,000 per year and is provided full-time benefits.

The Lycoming County coroner's office also employs part-time deputies Santiea Akus, Kristin Hunter, Robert Whitford and Dr. Susan Anderson at $16 per hour with no benefits.

No in Montour, others

Scott Lynn serves as a full-time coroner in Montour County, population 18,000. He receives a salary of $34,195.64 and pays $105 per month for family-plan health insurance. His part-time chief deputy, Blanche Stump, is paid a salary of $10,593.51 and doesn't receive benefits.

In Columbia County, Dr. Lori Masteller serves as coroner, which is considered a part-time position. She is paid a salary of $18,987.91, but doesn't receive benefits. Her chief deputy, Linda Kessler, and deputy coroner Ron Taylor also are part-time employees who don't qualify for benefits. They are both paid by call.

Columbia County has an approximate population of 67,000.

Snyder County Coroner Bruce Hummel, who is part time, receives a salary of $22,862 but no health benefits. Hummel's part-time deputies William Pheasant and his father, Roger Pheasant, are paid by call.

Snyder County has an estimated population of 40,000.

Newly elected Union County Coroner Dominic Adamo receives a salary of $33,501 for the part-time position. He pays $3,387.28 (20 percent of the county's share) per year for medical benefits under the family plan.

Newly appointed chief deputy coroner Matthew Olley, who also is part time, receives a salary of $8,000, but no benefits.

Union County has an estimated population of 45,000.