SUNBURY - An incident initially described as a suicide attempt inside Northumberland County Prison Monday will be reclassified as "self-mutilation," according to the warden.

An unidentified inmate jailed alone in a right wing cell unscrewed a light bulb, broke it and cut himself with the shards, Warden Roy Johnson said. It occurred about 9:30 p.m. The inmate was treated at Sunbury Community Hospital and returned to the jail.

Johnson said the inmate had been temporarily reassigned to the cell for "violent misconduct."

After the incident, Johnson said he spoke directly with the inmate. From that conversation, the details of which he would not disclose, he decided to change the incident type from "attempted suicide" to "self-mutilation."

Johnson said the inmate's actions were in protest of a misconduct allegation and a cell assignment.

Commissioner Stephen Bridy said Wednesday he was unaware of Johnson's decision to reclassify the incident. Commissioner Vinny Clausi said he believed the warden was looking to improve his own record.

Bridy and Clausi have been critical of Johnson following last month's suicide of inmate Cyrus Lewis, 34, of Shamokin. Lewis was the second inmate to kill himself inside the jail since August 2013, when Andrew W. Beers, 27, of Paxinos, took his own life. Johnson has defended his actions and that of his staff, saying protocol had been followed in each incident.