MOUNT CARMEL - Residents from the Mount Carmel area and surrounding communities who need outpatient rehabilitation services rely on Mount Carmel Outpatient Rehab and Fitness Clinic for its expertise in providing a full range of physical, occupational and speech therapies. The clinic also provides a supervised fitness program that help clients attain individual goals.

Although the Mount Carmel Outpatient Rehab and Fitness Clinic is physically attached to the Mount Carmel Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, the clinic's services are geared toward and provided to outpatients only. The nursing center has its own separate rehabilitation program that provides services for its residents.

Frank Oswald, PT and clinic director, Mary Jane Long, PT assistant and neuro-muscular therapist, and the entire staff at Mount Carmel Outpatient Rehab and Fitness Clinic are committed to helping people of all ages live happy, healthy and pain-free lives. Licensed professionals on the clinic's staff conduct one-on-one consultations to determine each patient's specific abilities, needs and goals. They then develop a plan of care that helps the patient achieve these goals and reach his or her maximum potential. The clinic offers an interdisciplinary approach, combining the most beneficial aspects of physical, occupational, speech, aquatic and massage therapies.

The Mount Carmel Outpatient Rehab and Fitness Clinic is one of the few facilities in Mount Carmel and the surrounding area where patients can benefit from full services in physical, occupational and speech therapies, all under one roof. This all-encompassing program of care is especially convenient for local patients who have suffered from strokes and other debilitating trauma.

Fitness and wellness are of great importance to the clinic. Therefore, in addition to its therapy programs, the Mount Carmel Outpatient Rehab and Fitness Clinic offers a fitness regimen that is tailored to meet the goals of each individual client. The fitness program, which is designed for clients of all ages, can meet the general health needs of a mature clientele. The clinic strives to help members stay focused on their goals so they attain the results they desire. Supervision is provided at all times by trained fitness personnel, enabling clients, despite whatever physical limitations they have, to exercise with confidence. The fitness clinic offers the Silver Sneakers program which is offered through several health insurance plans.

One-on-one care, a highly trained and professional staff, modern equipment and a state-of-the art facility all make Mount Carmel Outpatient Rehab and Fitness Clinic an outstanding choice for rehabilitation and fitness services. Area residents have benefited from the clinic's quality treatment programs for 16 years. Programs are designed and equipment is utilized to make patients as relaxed as possible while still receiving the supporting and soothing care they need.

The aquatic therapy program at the clinic offers patients the use of the Endless Pool, a unique piece of equipment that few other facilities in the area utilize. The Endless Pool provides patients with a comfortable 96-degree water temperature, adjustable depths and currents and the privacy of having an aquatic facility that is self-contained and located apart from the main therapy area.

At Mount Carmel Outpatient Rehab and Fitness Clinic, the staff understands how much on-the-job injuries can affect not just the individual patient, but their family. The clinic's goal is to return employees to their highest level of functioning in the safest and quickest manner possible by providing them with functional capacity evaluations, job task analysis and work conditioning. The staff works closely with employees, case managers and physicians to serve patients from all over the corporate spectrum, from small businesses to multi-national corporations.

The clinic's massage therapy program is designed to provide even more comprehensive therapy to the clinic's patients. Long is not only a PT assistant, but also a neuro-muscular therapist. She uses her skills to provide half-hour and hour-long sessions in neuro-muscular massage, Swedish massage and myofascial release. She provides a professional and stress-free atmosphere for each of her patients.

Oswald recently completed 11 1/2 hours of training on "Differential Diagnosis and Medical Screening for Physical Therapists." The course is designed to teach physical therapists methods for identifying potential conditions that may require medical referral. The physical therapy clinician is presented with information and training to be used during the evaluation process that will assist in diagnostic accuracy. Currently, Pennsylvania is a direct access state; this course is required to renew a therapist's direct access authorization. Direct access refers to the ability of patients to be evaluated and treated by a physical therapist without a physician referral.

To start your therapy with Mount Carmel Outpatient Rehab and Fitness Clinic, ask your doctor for a referral and contact the clinic in Mount Carmel at 339-3909. The clinic looks forward to providing services to Mount Carmel and the surrounding areas in the future and extends its gratitude to all present and past patients for letting them "help you work, play and live better."