MOUNT CARMEL - Fears of falling into one of the craters on borough streets may be allayed in a few weeks.

At Thursday's meeting, council voted 5-0 to engage Patch Management Inc. in the fight against potholes.

Councilmembers David Fantini and Joseph Lapotsky were absent.

Pothole Killers, a subsidiary of Patch Management, will be arriving sometime in July to fill in more than 30 stretches of road that developed cavities over the harsh winter.

"They think they can do this list and more," said Edward T. Cuff, borough manager.

Additional items will be added to the company's agenda if they reach the end of list before the 75 hours they are contracted for over 10 days.

Engaging Pothole Killers will cost the borough $25,430.

Anthony Matulewicz III, borough council president, was excited by the price tag because it was considerably less than what the borough would pay to repair the roads itself. He asked the borough to consider reallocating the newly created surplus in the pothole repair budget to elsewhere in streets maintenance. He said he would like to use the money to get ahead in the road repair cycle so the borough is not always working on streets that were "turning to dust."

Councilman Clement Plisiewicz was unenthusiastic about resuming paving projects. He said borough residents were annoyed with the parking disruptions, amongst other side effects, of the last project.

"They complained more than we had compliments that we were paving the streets," said Plisiewicz.

(More from the council meeting in upcoming editions.)