MOUNT CARMEL - You, too, can be a friend of Mayor Philip "Bing" Cimino.

A Facebook friend, that is.

On July 8, the Office of the Borough of Mount Carmel Mayor officially joined Facebook.

The profile page is just one way Cimino has been reaching out to residents in an attempt to gauge how Mount Carmel can become a better place.

Last week, Cimino held an open air public meeting at town park to discuss the potential for new recreational opportunities for children and adults.

He announced at Thursday's borough meeting that attendees provided numerous great ideas for ways to improve the park system, and that people also stopped by the borough office Thursday morning with thoughts.

One idea Cimino wants to move forward with immediately is creating a bike path at east end of Fifth Street, adjacent to Route 61.

"We're going to be resurrecting a bike park that started many years ago," said Cimino. "People are dumping out here, so we want to stop that."

The bike park has about four loops of path so far, but many areas need to be filled in. A rocky flat area by the road slated to become a bumper bike park also needs ground to create small hills.

A local man is donating dirt, but needed a dump truck from the borough to transport the dirt and volunteers to help spread it, he said.

Cimino also needs volunteers to help cut back brush.

"We want people to see the kids are using it," he said, adding that it will be visible from the road. "It's a shame to let it sit here and do nothing."

The work date is not yet finalized, but Cimino said he will make updates on his Facebook page.

Residents have also voiced interest in creating a dog park on the land, which is approximately six acres in size.

"We're thinking we can also clear a place for that," said Cimino.

The dog park will contain a fenced-in area where dogs can exercise freely. Cimino said this will help eliminate the dog walkers on the baseball field, which sometimes cause messes for Little Leaguers.

More at town park

Cimino has been hard at work making small, but noticeable changes to Mount Carmel's aesthetics.

Thursday, he is meeting with PPL to see about making changes to the lamp posts on Oak Street.

"They're dated and dull," said Cimino.

In addition to painting and updating the poles, he would like to move the veteran banners lower for easier maintenance.

"As a veteran, I think it's very respectful to support our veterans," he said.

Cimino is also enthusiastic about an acoustic guitar performance and poetry reading that occurred at town park recently.

"One of the questions that came up in recreation is, 'Is there a place to play acoustic guitar and do poetry readings?'" said Cimino. "And I think the park is the perfect place to do this.

"I think the town park is underused, and I think the more people that use it and bring good things to the area, the more you have."

Cimino encourages residents with ideas of how to make better use of Mount Carmel's parks to contact him at his new e-mail address,, or by finding him at his new Facebook page, which is accessible from the borough's website.

Borough business

- Bids for a closed-circuit television system for the sewer were opened at Thursday's meeting. The system will allow borough officials to inspect the sewers using a camera mounted to a robot. Pipe Services Corp., West Chester, had the lowest bid at $123,179.00. The bids were given to solicitor William Cole for review.

- Borough council announced it will be advertising to amend the landlord ordinance to establish visible permits. Tony Matulewicz, council president, said the permits will have a number unique to both the landlord and the tenant that would prove the unit was inspected and is up to code. Borough police chief Todd Owens said he is in the process of obtaining pricing for the non-removable placards.

- Borough council discussed a gigantic pot hole that had formed on Plum Street. Pothole Killers, which filled numerous potholes in the borough earlier that week, said the hole is too deep to fill with their system. Matulewicz said the street is on the list to be paved.

Borough council voted unanimously to direct Cole to advertise an amendment to the street excavation ordinance regarding the quality of work of third parties that dig up the borough streets and to appropriate $300,000 from the Street Improvement Account and Liquid Fuels Account for creating bid specification, paving and advertising bid specifications for the 2014 Street Improvement Project.

- Council announced animal control in the borough's sewers will be stepped up from once per quarter to once per month. Matulewicz said Ehrlich recommended once per month, and since the sewer company is contracted to pay for vector abatement, there will be no increased cost to the borough.

- A group of parishioners from Divine Redeemer Church spoke publicly about their request to create one handicap and one clergy parking spot each in front of their parish house.

"We had parking outlined in red for clergy," said Vince Guarna. "Over the years, I guess it faded away."

Matulewicz said he had looked into the space and that it is not officially sanctioned by borough council and, therefore, the request is unenforceable.

It was brought to the borough's attention that one person was parking in such a way that both spaces were used, causing a shortage of parking in front of the parish house. Owens said he spoke with the person, but accomplished little.

"He wasn't really willing to bend," said Owens.

The group couldn't agree on what they wanted the borough to do about the parking situation, and so the issue was put aside until the next meeting.