MOUNT CARMEL - A Mount Carmel man who had to be tasered and pepper sprayed after fighting with and injuring police when they attempted to take him into custody earlier this month has been charged with multiple offenses, including three counts of aggravated assault.

Todd Alan Daldos, 45, of 143 S. Locust St., was charged by Cpl. David Donkochik in connection with the May 9 disturbance at his residence.

According to a criminal complaint, Daldos became combative when Donkochik, Lt. Chris Buhay and Mount Carmel Township Patrolman Matthew Filarski went to his home at about 5:40 p.m. to serve a protection from abuse order filed against him by Sheryl Rutledge that ordered Daldos to leave the residence.

Police said Daldos, who began cursing, refused to leave and became combative toward the officers. Daldos told police, "You're going to have a problem," according to police reports. Daldos then went to his back door and allowed his dogs to come into the house despite being instructed by police not to do so. Police said Daldos drank from a liquor bottle and repeatedly told police, "I'm not (expletive) leaving," before punching Donkochik. Upon being pushed onto a sofa by police, Daldos started yelling for his dogs and provoked them to attack the officers, while he continued to strike police several times.

During the struggle, Buhay pepper sprayed the defendant, who continued to resist arrest and throw more punches, prompting police to call for assistance.

Buhay then used a Taser on the defendant a couple times, but it had no effect. After claiming he was done fighting, Daldos swung his arms and got away from police when they attempted to handcuff him.

The three officers were finally able to handcuff the defendant and had to place a hobble on Daldos' ankles to restrain him.

During the disturbance, Filarski was struck in the finger with a Taser probe that came out of the defendant's back. Filarski, who was bleeding, required medical attention to prevent infection. Donkochik suffered a moderate injury to his right hand that required an X-ray at a local hospital. Buhay was punched and kicked several times during the incident.

Daldos, who remains incarcerated at the county prison in lieu of $75,000 bail, waived his right to a preliminary hearing on the charges Wednesday before Magisterial District Judge Hugh Jones and was ordered to appear for plea court June 30 at the county courthouse.