MOUNT CARMEL - Another victim has been added to the list of women Barry Thomas Adams allegedly drugged and sexually assaulted at his residence.

Adams, 30, of 111 N. Market St., Mount Carmel, was arraigned Wednesday on a new set of charges, including two counts of rape, relating to incidents involving a 36-year-old Ashland woman that occurred between the evening hours of Nov. 21 and Thanksgiving morning at his home. She came forward after reading about charges filed against Adams last week, police said.

The new offenses were filed by Mount Carmel Cpl. David Donkochik and Chief of Police Todd Owens one week after Adams was arraigned on multiple felony offenses for allegedly raping a 32-year-old Ashland woman and having sexual contact with a 26-year-old Danville female and a 57-year-old Elysburg woman. Police said those offenses occurred Feb. 27, Sept. 7 and Nov. 2, respectively, at Adams' residence.

The new criminal complaint contains similar actions allegedly taken by Adams. He is accused of drugging women at local bars and then raping or having indecent sexual contact with the victims at his home. Adams allegedly befriended each of the victims on Facebook before meeting them in taverns and buying them

drinks. He reportedly showed the victims photographs of a man he claimed to be himself in an attempt to meet the victims in person. But police said the photographs depicted on Facebook were someone else.

Woke up naked

Police said the 36-year-old Ashland woman met Adams at 9 p.m. Nov. 21 at the Mineshaft Cafe in Ashland, where she had one rum and coke and several sodas. Afterward, the victim told police the only thing she remembered was waking up the next morning naked in Adams' bed with the defendant lying next to him.

The victim said she was disoriented and very light headed and dizzy when she awoke. The woman, who told police she felt like she had been drugged, said Adams told her they had sex, which prompted her to immediately get dressed and leave. She found her car parked in front of Adams' residence.

Police said the victim was driven by her daughter to a hospital in Pottsville during the late afternoon hours Nov. 22 to seek medical attention. The Ashland woman said she didn't feel right until Nov. 24.

100-page transcript

The victim showed police an approximate 100-page transcript of conversations she had with Adams on Facebook. Police said there were multiple sexual-related messages sent by Adams to the victim.

The victim told police that, between the time she blacked out at the bar and woke up at Adams' home, Adams had deleted from her cell phone all the text messages and photographs she had received from him. He "unfriended" her on Facebook almost immediately after the incident as well, she said.

The Ashland woman said Adams, who later contacted her, denied drugging the victim or stealing CDs from her car. He also denied deleting the text messages and photographs.

The new complaint charges Adams with two felony counts of rape and involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, one felony of sexual assault and two misdemeanors of indecent assault.

Waives all charges

While waiting for his 2:50 p.m. arraignment before Magisterial District Judge Hugh Jones, Adams conferred with his attorney, Paige Rosini, a county public defender, and decided to waive his right to a preliminary hearing on the new charges and three criminal complaints filed against him last week.

He was ordered by Jones to appear for plea court April 1, where he can plead guilty or no contest, or seek a trial by pleading guilty.

When Adams asked the judge if all his cases will be consolidated in the Court of Common Pleas in Sunbury, Jones said he couldn't be certain because he didn't know what type of plea agreement would be offered.

Adams was recommitted to Northumberland County Prison in lieu of $50,000 cash bail on the new charges. He had been incarcerated in lieu of $205,000 cash bail on four other sets of charges, three of which involve the sexual offenses.

The defendant waived his right to a preliminary hearing Feb. 20 on charges of unauthorized use of a credit card, theft and receiving stolen property involving a Dec. 14 incident.

He is charged by Patrolman Kevin Katch with stealing a Discover card owned by Barbara Puketza from 138 S. Locust St. and using it to purchase items and withdraw money from the victim's account. Police said total restitution in the theft is $1,816.18.

2 victims at hearing

Two of the victims of the sexual offenses - the 26-year-old Danville woman and 32-year-old Ashland female - attended the legal proceedings and were prepared to testify against Adams if necessary. Police said the 57-year-old Elysburg woman couldn't attend the hearing.

Adams, who appeared in court in a yellow prison jumpsuit and green hooded sweatshirt, was transported to and from the county jail by Owens.