MOUNT CARMEL - Mount Carmel council members, who met in executive session Wednesday with an auditor, are confident a mandatory audit of the borough's finances will be submitted by Oct. 31.

Borough council president Tony Matulewicz said the meeting was held primarily for informational purposes, and auditor Courtney Solomon made recommendations and clarified some issues involving the audit requested by the state Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) that will be reported at the Sept. 18 meeting. Solomon is employed with the borough's auditor Herring, Roll and Solomon.

Although he couldn't provide specifics from the hourlong meeting because it was an executive session, Matulewicz said, "It was a productive meeting that really had nothing to do with personnel issues."

The borough president said the future status of Lower Anthracite Transit System (LATS) Director Megan Janolek was not discussed.

Last week, council hired Mount Carmel Municipal Authority office manager Ann Swartz as borough treasurer to provide oversight after numerous financial setbacks.

Borough manager Edward Cuff III had held the treasurer position since March 1, when the duties were shifted from Janolek.

The position was opened in combination with the LATS director position after it was discovered Janolek made numerous bookkeeping errors and failed to submit the audit on time.

Janolek's actions are not thought to be criminal, and there is no evidence that she stole any money.

The borough is still accepting applications for the LATS director position.

Janolek's errors have held up the mandatory audit of the borough's finances, and DCED warned the borough it will be flagged if it doesn't submit the audit by Oct. 31.

Borough officials said $552,378 in federal funding is at risk if the borough is flagged.

Matulewicz said the borough could apply for a second extension to complete the audit.

Also attending the executive session were Cuff, Mayor Phil "Bing" Cimino, Councilmembers Clement Plisiewicz, Joseph Lapotsky, Dave Fantini and Bob Shirmer. Janolek did not attend.