LONG POND - Live Free Ride Alive (LFRA) will sponsor a booth at the Pocono Raceway through Sunday.

LFRA is PennDOT's comprehensive motorcycle safety program aimed at reducing the number of motorcycle crashes and fatalities on Pennsylvania roadways through education and interaction among riders.

Riders at the event can access the program's interactive website designed specifically for motorcyclists, www.LiveFreeRideAlive.com, by stopping by the LFRA booth. The website challenges riders to accept personal responsibility for their own safety. Important messages include obeying the speed limit and not drinking and riding. The website also emphasizes the importance of being properly licensed to operate a motorcycle and encourages the use of protective gear when riding.

The website also features short videos explaining the free courses available for all riders through the Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program.

Website users can also share their riding experiences and lessons about what they've learned about riding. Riders can take the "Be One Less" pledge, through which they promise to strive to be "one less" crash statistic in honor of motorcyclists who have been injured or killed in crashes.

For more information, go to the LFRA website.