MOUNT CARMEL - More than a dozen members of the oldest, continuously run women's motorcycle riding organization in North America will once again ride into the coal region to participate in the Six-County Firemen Association's Convention-Mount Carmel 150th Anniversary parade Saturday.

The Motor Maids Inc. riders parade in uniform wearing white gloves. The tradition began in 1941 when the group was asked by Howard Foley of Columbus, Ohio, to parade at the historical Charity Newsies motorcycle race. It was then the group was dubbed, "ladies of the white gloves," which soon became a permanent part of their uniform. The Motor Maids paraded annually at Charity Newsies up to their final year in 1979. Over the years, they have been asked to participate in numerous races and parades across the country and in Canada.

Diane Rumbel, executive publicity director for the organization, is a communications teacher at Mount Carmel Area Jr./Sr. High School. Rumbel encourages women riders to contact her or PA District director Pat DeSpirito for more information about the club. Members are coming from as far as Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, New York, New Jersey and Maryland.

The group holds a yearly convention throughout the U.S. and Canada and club rules state members must ride their motorcycles to convention to participate.

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