Shamokin-Coal Township Public Library

SHAMOKIN - The Shamokin-Coal Township Public Library has announced that Memorials for the period of June 19 to Aug. 12 have been presented for the following persons:

William Apollo by Joe, John and Maria Bressi.

Dan Bamford by Gene and Nancy Boughner.

Josephine Baranoski by Jeanette Burba.

Laura Neihoff Belber by Justin and Kathleen Kleski, Shamokin High School Class of 1957 Classmates, Corrine (Hoy) Thomas Neihoff.

John Brennan Sr. by Gene and Nancy Boughner, Jim and Pat Bressi, Joe, John and Maria Bressi, Vinny and Debbie Clausi, Kathy Gonsar, Keith and Kathy Jeremiah, Judy Laubach, Tony and Melinda Rosini, Janet and Al Sabol, the Vetovich family, Carolyn Weaver.

Diane Broskey by Rae and Chuck Hopta, JoAnn Little.

John Charnosky by Danny and Sandee Ciesluk and family.

Anna Coffey by Kathy Gonsar.

Jeff Concannon by Henry and Mary Lou Sherupski.

Alverta Dapra by Gene and Nancy Boughner.

William Davis Jr. by John and Sue Golumbfskie.

Bob Deluge Sr. by Joe Rocuskie, Shamokin High School Class of 1945.

James Dilliplane by Kay and Paul Colleran, Helen, John and Lynn Dixon and Sharon Graboski, Matthew and Trissa Griffiths.

Joe "Jazz" Diminick by George "Norge" Dorko and Gere Bonchak, Kathy Fenix, Peggy Ferrari.

Cora and Emory Dimm by Lamar and Marie Dimm.

Mary Ann Eglanski by Gene and Nancy Boughner.

Robert Evans by Tom and Rhonda Eckman, Evelyn Klemick.

Sandy Farrow by Angie, Charmaine, Carol, Kathy S., Kathy W., Karon, Susan and Louanne, Dennis and Cheryl Zeigenfuss.

Sara Feese by Gene and Nancy Boughner.

Raymond General by Gene, Nancy, Mark, Eric and Sarah Boughner.

Francis "Moto" Gurski by Gene, Nancy, Mark, Eric and Sarah Boughner.

Ann Marie Haddock by Gene and Nancy Boughner.

John Halcovich by wife Lorraine.

Beatrice Hoffa by Lorraine Crawford, Frances Tyson and Cindy Heins and family.

Florence Janaskie by Barbara and Erik Antonsson and Karl, Jon and Katie.

Donald Johns by Bob and Joan McAllister.

Courtney Jones by Gary, Kathy and Nathan Rothermel, Henry and Mary Lou Sherupski, Peggy Timco, Molly Dormer, Maureen Zarick, Elizabeth Singzon and Sheila Satton.

J. Patrick Jones by Chet and Marion Stesney.

Robert Jones by Gene and Nancy Boughner, Tim and Nikki Jones and family.

Stanley Kalejta by Jim and Pat Bressi, Eleanor Kissel, Noah and Gabby Orner, Ken and Ann Marie Pogozelski, Chet Purcell, Shamokin-Coal Township Senior Action Center, Joyce Thomas, Jane Whitley and Nancy Clark, Tony Zienda and Mary Ann and Bill Hufford.

Robert Kehler by Mr. and Mrs. Robert Albert and Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Albert, Jim and Pat Bressi, Joe, John and Maria Bressi, Harry and Nancy Troutman.

Holly Jo Kirchhoff by Beth and Ernie, Patty, Ronnie and Kelly Geist, Dorothy Goodman, Joy Knapik.

Robert Knock Sr. by Joe and Carol Broscious.

Linda Knopp by Gene and Nancy Boughner.

Bill Kreisher by Gene and Nancy Boughner.

Colleen Lauer by Betty Edwards, Robert and Clare Golazeski, Sylvia Shappell, Peggy Timco.

Lillian Liachowitz by Don and Marian Myers.

Donna Long by Loretta Brown.

John Najarian by Nancy McBride.

Sandra Nestico by Joe, John and Maria Bressi, Carl and Shelly Klemick, Catherine Reed.

Michael Osevala by Danny and Sandee Ciesluk and family, Les and Margie Schiccatano.

Alvera Peronace by Dave and Sandy Navrocki.

George Persing by Bill Dudeck and family, Rich and Nancy Stryeski, Corrine Thomas and Bob Probert.

Justine Picarelli by Vinny and Debbie Clausi, Bill Dudeck and Family, Peggy and Maureen Ferrari, Keith and Kathy Jeremiah, Catherine Reed.

George W. "William" Raker by Ronald Kuhns.

Alice Reichwein by Pat and Jim Bressi.

Reynolds Rhoades by Shamokin City Pool.

Theresa L. Salwocki by Curt Dobson.

Eleanoe Shebelski by Vinny and Debbie Clausi.

Dennis Sheriff by Gene, Nancy, Mark, Eric and Sarah Boughner.

Matthew Shingara Sr. by Nicole and James Luda and boys.

Mary Ann Slaby by Gene and Nancy Boughner.

Peggy Smink by Jerome and Mary Jane Barcavage and family, Pat and Lum Bradley, Joe and Kandy Dascani and family, Lynn and Dave Dixon, Donna, JoAnn, Debbie, Missy and Joan, Eric, Michelle, Erica and Holly Feese, Charlotte Fox, Jim and Donna Gotlob, Frank and Sharon Graboski and family, Allen and Irene Grow, Shirley Grow and family, Karen and James Linton, Ben McFalls, Gary and Debbie McFalls, Peggy Morris, William and Joyce Mowery, Ron, Cindy and Marissa Moyer, Mary and Missy Olear, Janet and Al Sabol, Dan Smink and Family, Dot Smink, Mary and Jeff Thew and Family, Tom, Lisa, Tommy and Laura Thew, Darve and Sheri and family, Carolyn Weaver.

Shirley Smink by Dot, Ron, Cindy and Marissa.

Susan Snyder by Dolores and Pat Kosmer.

Colleen L. Stiner by Charlie and Paula Gedman.

Laura Sweitzer by Pat and Jim Bressi, Jill and Todd Heitzman, Dave and Sandy Navrocki.

Tatum Tillett by the Buriak family, Bill and Shirley Golden and family, Cal and Roseanne Harris and family.

Theresa Venarchick by Melissa and Devin Sulick.

Joseph Verano by Marian Edmondson, JoAnn Little.

Marna M. Victoriano by Bruce and Ralph Victoriano.

Rita Wehr by Gene and Nancy Boughner.

Betty Willis by Greg and Donna Wisloski.

Joseph Yermalovich by Joe and Betty Dudeck, Jerry and Shirley Hughes.

Thomas S. Ziemba by Janet Albertini.

Irene Zimmerman by Phyllis Barrett, Jearldene and Susan Losiewicz, Robert and Gale Rokuskie, Trevorton Road Women's Club.

Contributions to the memorial fund:

John Brennan by Bob and Suzanne Starke.

Diane Broskey by Myron and Linda Turlis.

Bernice Hoffa by Sue Erdman Joyce.

Stanley Kalejta by Bob and Suzanne Starke.

Holly Kirchhoff by Carol and Gary Stepp and family, Myron and Linda Turlis.

Colleen Lauer by Henry T. Miner.

Sandy Nestico by Bob and Suzanne Starke.

George Persing by Kathy and Abby, Marian Edmondson, William Edmondson.

Justine Picarelli by Kathy and Abby James, Bob and Suzanne Starke.

Danny Seroski by Jack and Carol (Nezerski) Patton, Joannie and Don Yuricich.

Bob Swatt by Kathy and Abby James.

Tatum Tillett by Sandy Dombroski and family.

In Honor Of:

Irvin Liachowitz by Don and Marian Myers.

Judith Pensyl by JoAnn Dobeck, Doreen Kushner, Darlene Swank, Debbie Kanovich.

Honor a loved one and place a permanent memorial in the Library Century Club.