SHAMOKIN - The Shamokin-Coal Township Public Library has announced memorials were presented from Jan. 7 to Feb. 10 for the following persons:

Nicholas Amato by Gloria Catino, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Dusick, Garth Hall, Kristen and James Kiehl, Mary Masinos, Northumberland County Democratic Committee, Leona Vivino.

Margaret Arnold by Rhonda and Tom Eckman, John and Sue Golumbfskie, Jim and Janet Povish and Jill Henrich, Greg and Donna Wisloski, Kathy and Ron Zyla.

John J. Benner by Pat and Lum Bradley, Rosalie and Dan Breslin, Joe, John and Maria Bressi, great-granddaughter Abbie, Jen and Casey Johns and family, Shamokin-Coal Township Senior Action Center, Mary and Jeff Thew and family.

Mary Bird by Rhonda (Long) Tyler.

Betty Bressi by Pat and Jim Bressi, Carl and Shelly Klemick, Robert and Kathy Kufta, Tom and Kelly Lawrence, Vetovich family.

Catherine Buffett by Peg and Dan Smink, Tina and Wayne Grow, Lori and Haley Novack.

Yvonne DeFrancesco by Butch and Gig Varano.

Miranda Dobson by Curtis Dobson.

Charles Dusendschine by Rose Marie Jones.

Mary Eglanski by Curt Dobson, Keith and Kathy Jeremiah, John and Suzanne Kiersnowski, Ray and Colleen Lauer.

Shirley Elliott by Amanda Bogutskie, Cindy and Ken Bogutskie.

Leroy Fisher by Mary and Bob.

Florence Forman by Joe, John and Maria Bressi, Irvin Liachowitz, Denise Yermalovich, Charlene Vener, Alice James, Lillian Lurye and Donald Lurye.

Robert Glavich by Sharon, Barbara, JoAnn and families.

John Halcovich by wife Lorraine.

Anna Heitzman by Joe, John and Maria Bressi.

William Holland by Joe, John and Maria Bressi, Rose Marie Jones, Ray and Colleen Lauer.

John Hutnick by Andy, Doris and Jen.

Florence Janaskie by George, Beth, Georgie and Stephanie Bettick, Dot and Elwood, Robert S. Hawk, Stan Hawk, Jay and Pat Hoberg, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Madden, John Tosloskie and Mike, John, Sue Jeannie and Patti, Thul family.

James H. Kline by Rosemarie M. Broscius.

Fritzie Klopfenstein by Marilyn and Carl Dick.

Helen Kopitsky by Joe, John and Maria Bressi, Danny and Sandee Ciesluk and Family, Trish and Curt Clossen and family, Kathy Gonsar, Jim and Janet Povish and Eleanor Povish, Patricia Segedy and Bernadette and Bob Dry, Sally Sobotor, Helen Johns, Ruth Knorr and Paul Zarick.

John Kozlowski by Joe, John and Maria Bressi.

Aldine Lashay by Meg and Charlie Bartol, Joe, John and Maria Bressi, Margaret E. Jones, Ken and Anne Marie Pogozelski.

Betty Latsha by Ruth Ann Grego, Dick Miller.

Caroline Lushinski by Gene and Nancy Boughner.

Barbara McKee by Aunt Carmella.

Barbara Miller by Bob and Joan McAllister.

William Murdock by Gene and Nancy Boughner.

Cathy Scholl-Neary by Rose Dougherty.

John Parks by wife Linda.

Theresa Pisani by Denise Yermalovich.

Woodrow Peifer by Mary Ellen Masinos.

Lori Persing by Shamokin Street Department, Jane Ann and Mark Sosnoskie.

Georgia Lynn Petrovich by Kathy and Abby James.

Donna Marie Phillips by Jeff and Kathleen Clutcher.

Joseph Reed by Joe, John and Maria Bressi, Dolly Brown, Steve, Holly, Katie, Kelly and Reagan Chernago, Joe and Kandy Dascani and family, Rich and Joan Eltringham, friends and officers of the Shamokin Area Education Association: Mary, Tammy, Beth and Shannon, Frank and Rosie Fullmer, Kathy and Abby James, Justin and Kathleen Kleskie and family, Pat and Dolores Kosmer, Erma Lorenz and family, Bill and Terry Persing and family, Chris and Tara Venna.

Joseph Rutkowski by Kathy Gonsar, Thomas Sanders.

John "Jack" Reiprish by Ray and Colleen Lauer.

Elizabeth "Betty" Scott by Irvin and Karen Adams, Randall Adams, Emily Anderson, Gene and Nancy Boughner, Mary Ann Christ, John and Sue Golumbfskie, Mary and Dave Hollingshead and family, Susan Kropinski Haas, Lorraine Halcovich, William and Marlene Hill, Howard Organization Inc. Commercial Electrical Contractor, John and Sue Kiersnowski, Peggy Morris, Audrey and Gerry Mroz, Ann Nowaskie, Florence H. Ramage, Anita Shaffer and family, Shamokin High School Class of 1961, Shamokin Area High School Principal's Office Secretaries, Shamokin Area Retired Educators, Grethal Vinup, Lee and Nan Weller, Cathleen and Bob Yorwarth.

John Shimock Jr. by Ray and Colleen Lauer.

Helen B. Stank by Gere Bonchak and George Dorko, Robert and Hazel Mazeski and family.

Julia Stout by Gene and Nancy Boughner.

Daniel Surak by Jeanne C. Pond.

Ronald Surak by Jeanne C. Pond.

Elwood Swank by Joe, John and Maria Bressi, Margie Kleinschmidt.

Larry Swartz by sister, Lorraine.

June Tetkoskie by Barb and Dave Ammerman, Gene and Nancy Boughner, Joe, John and Maria Bressi, Chip and Janet and family, Mary Ann Christ, Jeffrey and Kathleen Clutcher, Frances and Fred Culp, Joann Dobeck, Robert and Clare Golazeski, Ray and Colleen Lauer, Shamokin Area High School principal's office secretaries, Deb Kashnowski, Bernadette Miller, Alexa Herb, Kathy and Abby James, Sarann and Tom Keyack, Linda Latsha and Tracy and Bob McIntyre, Mr. and Mrs. Rick Marcinek, Keith and Betty Martin, Emily Parker, Kevin and Mary Lou Richardson, Rosalie Smoogen, Tammy Taylor and Family, Corrine Thomas and Bob Probert, John Thomas and Abromitis family, Don and Trudy Trego, Roseann Varano, Greg and Donna Wisloski, Megan Zarkoskie.

Al Valeski by Cal and Roseanne Harris and family.

Emma Walsh by Rose Marie Jones.

John Walters Sr. by Doris Kodack and family, J.D., Dixie, John and Brady Kodack.

Gertrude Wancio by Jeanette Burba, Central Pennsylvania 82nd Airborne Association, nieces and nephews, Bob and Annette Sandri and family, Greg and Donna Wisloski.

Margaret Williams by Joe, John and Maria Bressi, Chet and Marion Stesney, Mary and Jeff Thew, James and Nancy Williams and family.

Janine Woodley by Kathy and Abby James, Ray and Colleen Lauer.

Bernard Yasenchak by Rose Marie Jones.

Sharon Ann Yost by Gene and Nancy Boughner.

Michael Zyry by Coal Township High School Class of 1964.

Contributions to the memorial fund:

Margaret Arnold by Boots and Flash.

Tom Kovell by Regina Orleski.

Gerald Radzai by Boots and Flash.

Joseph Reed by Jazz and Ann Louise Dimminick, Marian Edmondson, Flash and Boots.

In honor of:

Jeanette and Bill Latsha by Linda Latsha and Tracy and Bob McIntyre.

Honor a loved one and place a permanent memorial in the Library Century Club.