Shamokin-Coal Township Public Library

(Continued from a previous edition)

Nancy Jane Krieger by Judy Laubach, Chet, Marion and Jim.

Fred Kublic by Shamokin High School Class of 1949.

Jay Lawrence by Jeanette Burba and Charles Breining.

Linda Lawton by Sheridan Staff.

Madalyn McIndoe by Kathy Gonsar.

Winifred Mestlin by Joe, John and Maria Bressi, Anita Shaffer and family, Shamokin High School Class of 1949.

Carman Minniti by Dolly Brown, Sylvia (Antonelli) Shappell.

Tom Moore by Craig Hilbush.

Fatima Moumen by Margie Kleinschmidt.

Chester A. Mowery by Joe, John and Maria Bressi.

Esther Moyer by Bob and Cathy Yorwarth.

Rosemary Nagle by Ray and Colleen Lauer.

Elizabeth Ozalski by Peggy Ferrari.

Helen Payne by Joe Payne.

Esther "Patsy" Pellman by Doris Bamford and family, Shelly Klemick and family, Jacque Robel, Mark and Jane Ann Sosnoskie, Mary and Jeff Thew.

William R. Pensyl Sr. by wife Dolores and Children, Frank and Sally Kerstetter, Scott Kerstetter and family, Mike Kerstetter and family, Kim and Don Spotts and family and Peggy and Lonnie Blessing and family, Delmar and Marie Shipe, Lavone and Dorothy Swank, Carol and Bill Diehl and Sue Shellenberger.

June Pietkiewicz by Chet and Marion Stesney.

Charles Rebuck by Jean Scandle Clews, Flower Fisher, Betty and Lew Gaydon, Blendine Howerter, Ray and Colleen Lauer.

Joseph C. Redd by wife Pat.

Stanley "Pete" Rebalis by Joe, John and Maria Bressi.

Eleanor Rumberger by Don and Nancy Bloom.

Robert Runkle by Chet and Ann Gard.

Linda Savitski by Rose Marie Jones.

Betty Schell by Joe, John and Maria Bressi.

Arthur Schiccatano by Joe, John and Maria Bressi, Pat and Jim Bressi, Gary and Jodi Christ, Kathy and Abby James, Ralph and Sandy Moore and Chris, Kelly and Hope Apichell, Jacque Robel.

Frederick A. Schmidt by Amy and Robert Frank, Bob and Joan McAllister.

Dolly C. Schroyer by Donna and Barry.

Anthony James Shervanick by Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Baranoski and family.

Mildred Shively by Ed and Ann Marie Schetroma.

Richard Shurock by Barbara and Sharon and families, Joann and family.

Helen Sikorski by Marion Grybowski.

Elizabeth Simchock by Marian Edmondson.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Simmet by Carol and Barbara Jones.

Ethel Jane Smith by Shamokin High School Class of 1959.

Lisa Strausser by Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pasco.

Janice M. "Bubbie" Surowiak by Pat and Jim Bressi.

Charley Tamkus by Mom, Dad, Kelly, Jonah, Ashley and family, Ethel, Ruth, David and Jack.

William Templin by Irvin Liachowitz, Pepper.

Eric Thomas by Walt and Julie Jacobs, Kathy and Abby James and Tyler Griffiths, Diane and Gig Thomas and families.

Doris Tyler by Joe, John and Maria Bressi.

Rita Varano by Annina Procopio.

Acacio Victoriano by Bruce Victoriano.

Della Victoriano by Bruce Victoriano.

Marna Victoriano by Bruce Victoriano.

Willard Wagner by Ann Fidler and family.

Helen Wasielewski by Pat and Jim Bressi, Walt and Julie Jacobs, Kathy and Abby James, Robert and Brenda Taylor.

Lester K. Waugh by Wichurowski family.

Dixie R. Weaver by Sandy and John Avellino, Marie and Sherri Lahr, Mary Long and family.

Lamar Weikel by Norman and Barbara Foura and family, Gessner family.

David Gene Williams by Melanie Wengrenovich and Mike Terrizzi.

Mary E. Wisgo by Bill and Pat Barrett, Ed and Loretta Brown.

Alice A. Wysock by Francis Laskoskie and family, Calvin and Pearl Swank.

Theodore Yost by Greg and Donna Wisloski.

Michael Zanuck by Janet Wahosky and family.

Victoria Zarko by Florian James, Marian Edmondson, Ben Frank.

Mary Carol Zurick by Fran Anderson, Area Agency on Aging, Joe, John and Maria Bressi, Francine and Bill Butkey, Commissioners and Staff of the Pa. Worker's Compensation Appeal Board, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Cook, Joann Dobeck, Betty and Lew Gaydon, Daniel Gaydon, Kenneth and Josephine Gaydon, Stephen Gaydon, Kathy Gonsar, Great Valley Consultants, Mary Jane Grow, Karen S. Obrick, Ed, Kay and Kiera Griffiths, Betsy Richardson, Rita and Art Rovito, Shamokin Area Education Association, Cindy Siedlarczyk, Chet and Marion Stesney, Nancy Suchanick, Stephen and Claire Taddeo, Peg Taylor, Al and Roseann Varano, Kathy and James Yurick.

Contributions to the Memorial Fund:

Yvonne Aston by Dorothy Doncheski.

Daniel Bamford by Amy, Matt, Lake and Hunter, Theresa and Ron Ramp, Bob and Suzanne Starke.

James Bamford by Bob and Suzanne Starke, Shirley Starke.

Catherine Buzzie by Flash and Boots Ramp.

Roger Elliott by Bob and Suzanne Starke, Robert and Brenda Taylor.

Shirley Faust by Ed and Loretta Brown.

Robert Herb by Dan and Carol Arnold.

Margaret Klembara by Bob and Suzanne Starke.

Walter Kosmer by Don and Joannie Yuricich.

Carman Minniti by Ed and Loretta Brown, Theresa Egick.

Arthur Schiccatano by Bob and Suzanne Starke.

Mildred Sienkiewicz by the Albert family.

Helen Wasilewski by Dan and Carol Arnold.

Marian L. Weimer by Bob and Suzanne Starke.

Daisy Mae Yost by Ron and Boots Ramp.

Theodore Yost by Ron and Boots Ramp.

In Honor Of:

Dorothy Goodman by Ron Valania and Holly Kirchoff.

Debra Keefer by Sandra Cupp.

Joan Lineweaver by Sandra Cupp.

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Payne by Jeanne and Bill Hoffa.

Honor a loved one and place a permanent memorial in the Library Century Club.