MOUNT CARMEL - The following memorials were presented to Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church:

Madeline Arnoldin (first anniversary) from Roman and Christine.

Robert Fanella from Kevin, Cheryl and Tyler Kwiatkowski.

Helen Hudick McAndrew from Our Lady's Choir.

Kozock family from Gary and John Kozock.

John Sunoski (third anniversary) from Patsy Kline.

Concetta Morgan from Duane and Jill Karchner family.

Health for family from E. Strike.

Mary Ellen Murray from Bill and Chris Forbes, Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Grybos, Kyle Grybos, John and Carol Strocko, Dan and Phyllis Ficca, Ray and Mary Ann Bartosic, John and Dianne Darrah, John J. Elgin, Bob and Judy Kramer, Mary Ruths and brother Blair, Ted and Debbie Gownley, Cindy Drucis, Mary Ann Wydra, Nancy A. Schu, Kathryn Vonleer, Bob and Kathy Else, King Coal Tours Inc., Jean Marie and Reese Lichtel, Julie and Bob Griffiths, Anna Flynn, Joseph and Ross Chiaretti, Helen and Philip DeLuca, Joe and Millie McDonnell, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Rusnak and family, Paul and Judy Bartko, Bob and Jeanne Zavatski.

Baba Catherine Kline and son Johnny from Patsy.

Regina Breck (one-year anniversary) from Paul and Judy Bartko.

Robert Sewell from Bob and Jeanne Zavatski.