MOUNT CARMEL - The following memorials were placed in the April bulletin of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church:

Francis Juchniewicz from Joan Owens.

Aaron Profit from Mr. and Mrs. Martin Pittman Sr.

Harry Darrah (birthday) from the Darrah family.

Howard "Snick" Benfield from Helen Hynoski and family and Rita Buhay.

Cecilia E. Gaughan from Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Rusnak and family, Paul and Judy Bartko, Dan and Phyllis Ficca, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Kornacki and Mary Rudisill.

Edward Tarlecki from sister-in-law Theresa Tarlecki and family.

Joseph, Catherine, Leonard and Dorothy Bresadola from Patricia Bresadola.

Ben Frank from Mr. and Mrs. Ray Kornacki.

Walter Hynoski, Sr., from Helen Hynoski and family.

Andrew Mushalko (birthday) from Millie Mushalko and family.

Bernice Czylowski (anniversary) from Millie Mushalko and family.

Cyril Menko (49th anniversary) from family.

Cynthia Pohar (first anniversary) from Roman and Christine.

Francis Bilder from C. Bilder.

Kortni Ann Kenenitz from Daddy, Kitty and Kenny.

Victoria and Frank Woznicki from Virginia Woznicki.

Robert Ruths from Mr. Blair Ruths and Ms. Mary Ruths.

For health of Mary Siano from Chris, Michele and family.