The following memorials were placed in the March bulletin at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church:

In thanksgiving from M. Strike.

John Shimock from Angela and Robert Feeney.

For health of Mary Ellen Murray from Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kramer, Chris.

James McFadden (birthday) from family.

Laura Chapman (63rd anniversary) from daughter Eileen.

Laura Kline (26th anniversary) from daughters Patsy and Mary, granddaughters.

Dorothy Milewski (anniversary) from Sylvia Hynoski and Dianne Darrah, Joan Owens.

Diane White (birthday) from Susan, Leon and Amanda.

Donald Robert Hockenberry from Mrs. Rita Buhay.

John C. Owens (birthday) from Joan Owens and sons, Sylvia Hynoski.

John Bailoni (1st anniversary) from Mom and Dad, Helen Hynoski and families.

Steve (Skip) Krehel, Anna and Mildred Krehel, Bob and Mae Boyle and Joan (Boyle) Gergen from Steven and Carole Krehel.

Tarlecki and Reilley Family from Theresa.

Anna Lovrich from Helen Hynoski and families (birthday).

Edward Marshaled (birthday) from Sue.

Roman Kenenitz Sr. (anniversary) from Roman and Christine.

Robert Clews from Centralia Fire Co.

Albert R. Colross from Carl and Lorraine Horsfield, Lorraine Chicalo.

Patricia Franchino (birthday) from Mr. and Mrs. Roman Kenenitz.

Francis Woznicki (brother), Sylvia and Mel Hamolia and Victoria and Frank Woznicki from Virginia Woznicki.

Raymond "Chewy" Czeslowski from Millie Mushalko and family.

Special thanks to Fr. Frank from Chris.

Health of Becky "CF" Kendele from Pat Kline.

Kortni Ann Kenenitz from Daddy, Kitty and Kenny.

Catherine Hoskie (birthday) from Helen Hynoski and family.

Madeline Arnoldin (birthday) from Roman and Christine.

Health of Roseann Yuschock from family.

Joan Pulaski (8th anniversary) from Lucille and Joe Swatski.

Gloria Nameth from children.

John May from wife Margaret May.

Julia McAndrew (anniversary) from daughter Margaret May.

Elizabeth Kenneff (anniversary) from sister Margaret May.

Chester (Teddy) Czelowski (anniversary) from Millie Mushalko and family.

Ann Marie Corcoran from Ann Marie Muldoon.