June memorials

Adele Ososkie from Ron, Chris, Stacy and Courtney Ososkie.

Claude Harper from Madeleine R. Harper.

Howard "Snick" Benfield from J.J. Lokitis Jr.

Mary C. Zuech from Paul and Judy Bartko, Eileen Hirsch, Carl J. Ecker.

John May Jr. from Margaret May.

Mr. and Mrs. John May Sr. and family from Margaret May.

Mrs. Julia McAndrew and family from Margaret May.

Carl Womer from Centralia Fire Company, Helen Hynoski and family, J.J. Lokitis Jr.

Concetta Morgan from Barbara and Joe Hajcak, Mary Anne Leskusky, Linda Lyons, John and Dianne Darrah, Johnny and Rachel Hughs, Mick and Clare Witcoskie, Joseph and Carol Woytowich, friends and co-workers of Harry Morgan at CSO Inc.

Helen Biggio from Mary Rudisill.

John Gross from John and Terry Gross and Russell.

Mr. and Mrs. McGinley from Gross family.

Ted Czelowski from Millie Mushalko and family.

Anna Flynn from daughter, Julie Griffiths.

Health of daughter from mother Evelyn Strike.

Health for Evelyn Strike from L.R.

Edward "Bucky" Reilley from Ted and Jackie Matlow, J.J. Lokitis Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mattucci, Joe and Fran Quirk, Charles and Diane Skurkis, John and Diane Darrah and family, Robert Lazarski and son, Stephen and Susan Puddu, Mary C. Buhay.

Raymond A. Hall from daughter Cecilia Bilder.

John Gross from John and Terry Gross and sons.

Peter Bolick from wife Viola and family.

Frank Siano from daughters, Chris, Michelle and family.

Francis L. Joraskie from daughter, Michele and family.

Anionette and John Gudonis from family.

Health of John J. Gudonis from sister.

Joseph and Catherine Bresadola from Patricia.

Mary Hogan from Thersea Conniff.

Mary Catherine Lazarski from Robert Lazarski and son.

Pat from Gerald and Dorothy Higgins.

Robert B. Fanella from Mr. and Mrs. Mack Menapace.

For health of Danny McGinley from Mary and Patsy Kline.

For health of Lisa Novacoski from friend.

For health of Joe Yost from Patsy Kline.

For health of Mary Siano from Mom, Chris and Michele.

Kortini Ann Kenenitz from Daddy, Kitty and Kenny.

Genevieve Kenenitz from Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kenenitz.