COAL TOWNSHIP - The following memorials were received by Our Lady of Lourdes School in May and June.

In honor of:

Vietnam veterans from Mr and Mrs. Edward Madden.

In memory of:

Margaret "Peg" Almeida from Mike, Rita and Michelle Albert, Billy and Betty Ann Corrigan.

Antoinette Bach Scholarship Fund from Jeff Beaver.

Lawrence J. Bartol from Simone Bartol McCaffrey.

Steven Billas from Mary Carole Starke.

Michael and Anna Bodner from Barbara Bodner.

Julia Bordell from Marion and Chet Stesney, Joann Higgins, Bill and Virginia Korbich.

Tanya Scandle-Broscious from Joannie and Don Yuricich, Joan Kelley, Dave and Joann Shinskie.

Salvadore and Leonora Cherry from Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Lenore Kealey.

Jeffrey Concannon from Jim Flanagan.

Alberta M. Dapra from Christine Hudson.

Stephanie Dennis from Mary Carole Starke.

Joseph "Jazz" Diminick from Bill and Virginia Korbich.

Stephen J. Dormer from Rocco and Forchy Roma.

Robert B. Fanella from Joan Kelley.

Eugene Fleming from Marian Edmondson, Mike Dormer, Michael White, Mary Kern, Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Christiana, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kovack, Rose Koshinski and Peggy Haigh, Jim and Peggy Haigh, Joann Higgins, Mr. and Mrs. Garth Rice, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Fidler, Helen Bednar, SCI Coal Township Employee Recreation Association, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mengle.

Andrew and Angela George from Andrew J. George.

Louis R. Girolami from Mr. and Mrs. Richard Weikel, Dennis and Barb Reiprish.

John Glowa from Joannie and Don Yuricich.

Eve and Oliver Grace from Patricia Grace.

Francis "Motto" Gurski from Mike and Rita Timco, Andy and Ann Marie Slodysko.

William Holland from Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ludes

Ramona Jacoski from Alex Jacoski, Jr.

Christine (Vinitskie) Jimison from Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Krushinski and Alan, Jim Krushinski, Leon J. Krushinski, Jr., Drew Krushinski, Mr. and Mrs. Leon Krushinski.

The Jones Family from Tom and Darlene Jones

Dr. Courtney Jones from Marion and Chet Stesney, Kate (Lizzul) Zimmerman and family, John and Racquel Lizzul, Barbara Lizzul, Jim Flanagan, Ann and John Benedict, Sarah Kanaskie, Constance Fabrizio, Theresa Fleming and Ann Weikel, Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Boyle, John Witkowski, Mrs. Constance M. Martini, Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Catino, Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Rosini, Alberta and Mary Ann Sickora, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Sickora, Virginia and Bill Korbich, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ludes, Don and Joannie Yuricich, Howard and Theresa Sandri, Leo and Mary Mulhall, Don and Marian Myers, Don and Shannon Myers, Julian and Kelly (Stesney) Watson, Dave and Joann Shinkie, Edward Madden, Phyllis Barrett, Barbara Yuricich, Dennis and Barb Reiprish.

Cecilia Kieski from Albert Kieski, Ed Kieski and family (Matt and Meghan).

Harry V. Klein Jr. from Hannah K. Klein.

Joseph W. Kleinschmidt from Theresa Fleming, Mr. and Mrs. Gene Garancheski.

Lee Korbich from Aaron and Marisa Yoder.

Rosalie (Winters) Kuzo from Helen Winhofer.

Valerie Leavens from Bill and Virginia Korbich, Mr. and Mrs. John Pasierb, Ann and John Benedict, Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Christiana, Barb and Dennis Reiprish, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Wurster, Andy and Ann Marie Slodysko, Joe, Judy, Adriana and Christopher Brokus, Bill Gibbons, Sean Gibbons.

Betty Mackel from Mary Frances Novey, Ed and Adeline Zyla, Kathy and Stuart Herridge, Linda and Mike Sowash.

Jean Malinowski from Constance Fabrizio.

Nancy D. Markovich from Bobbe and Shirley Pasierb, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Schetroma.

Mary Mikulanas from Constance Fabrizio.

Elizabeth "Betty" Morgan from Joannie and Don Yuricich, John and Joanne McKay, Angela Haitzel, Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Reiprish, Barb and Dennis Reiprish, Andy and Ann Marie Slodysko, Theresa Olcese, Joan Kelley.

Louise Nestico from Joannie and Don Yuricich, Mr. and Mrs. Bryant Farrence, Chet and Marion Stesney, Barbara Lizzul, Mr. and Mrs. Ken Piaseczny, Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Kline, Pat and Chuck Sosnoskie, Terri and Mike Davis, Gary and Carol Varano, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Christ, Joann Higgins.

Alvera Pernonace from Connie Fabrizio.

Joseph Rado from Joannie and Don Yuricich, Bill and Virginia Korbich, Don and Sharon (Mulhall) Betz, Don and Marian Myers, Leo and Mary Mulhall, Barbara Lizzul and Sarah Kanaskie.

Joseph "Pappy" Reidinger from Kathy and Angelica Masser.

John Reiprish from Marie Sieklicki Labanoski.

Mary "Mamie" Roma from Mr. and Mrs. Earl V. Peckne, Sr., Rocco and Forchy Roma, Anna Bruno.

Eleanor L. Shebelski from Maria Scheithauer, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Defalco, Sylvia Kapushinski, Patricia Nevis, Bryan McSurdy, Jean Sobotor and family, Richard and Ann Weikel, Mrs. Elizabeth Reiprish and family, John and Joanne McKay, the Brokus family, Connie Fabrizio, Kathy and Angelica Masser.

Marge Sinkovich from Joann Higgins.

Mary Ann Slaby from Joann Higgins.

Elizabeth "Betty" Stauffenberg from Joannie and Don Yuricich, Joan Kelley, Joann Higgins, Blaschak Coal Corporation.

Tom Strausser from Kay Conway Strausser.

Donna Van Shura from Andy and Ann Marie Slodysko, Dorothea Yancoski.

Kathleen (Kudgie) York from Laura Zevetski, Mary Ann Balonis.

Mariann T. Zarkowski from Helen Pavis, Vincent Kleman.