Our Lady of Lourdes Regional School

COAL TOWNSHIP - Our Lady of Lourdes Regional School have received the following memorials for January and February 2014.

In Celebration of:

Jack and Marge Niedzwiecki 50th wedding anniversary from Rita and Michelle Albert.

In honor of:

Avery Violette Lemmon from Grandma Mary Toccket.

In memory of:

Nicholas "Nick" Amato from the Reiprish family, Joannie and Don Yuricich.

John Backes from Ann (Buggy) Backes.

Lawrence J. Bartol from Simone Bartol McCaffrey.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bolick from Capt. Joseph L. Bolick.

Patricia Bolick from Capt. Joseph L. Bolick.

Casimir L. Brezgel from Mr. and Mrs. Gene Garancheski.

Catherine Buffet from Connie Fabrizio.

"Augie" Carl from Tom, Katie and Nick Kalinowski, Andy, Doris, Jess and Jenn Kalinowski.

Robert Chuprinski and Joan Kelley and family.

William Coates from Barbary and Brian Coates.

Joseph Costa from Alice O'Donnell.

John Deromedi from John and Joanne McKay, Mr. and Mrs. James Mains.

Rosemary Dougherty from Mr. and Mrs. Rocco Roma.

Mary Ann Eglinski from Henry T. Miner.

Philip Fetzko from Don and Joannie Yuricich, Mary Jane Toccket.

Laurie Ann Green from Helen Kopenhaver.

William S. Holland from Howard and Theresa Sandri, Virginia and Bill Korbich, Helen Christodoulo, Andrew and Ann Marie Slodysko, Dolly Cassitor, George and Rebecca Baranik, Barbara Lizzul, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wurster, the Bertotti families, the Dixon boys and their families.

Francis (Fran) Keyack Jr. from Marian E. Keyack.

Helen A. Kopitsky from Betty Gilger and family, Maryann and Robert Barrett and family, Mr. and Mrs. Don VanShura.

Aldine Lashay from Dennis and Barb Reiprish, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wurster, Elizabeth Reiprish and family, Connie Fabrizio

Joan E. Malho from Jared Shutt, J.D. and Shelly Shutt.

John P. Marinin from Darlene Duzick (Waskewski).

Mike McGee from Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Fallat.

John McGinn from Elizabeth Gilger and family.

Rose Mulhall from Leo and Mary Mulhall.

Audrey M. Olvany from Darlene Duzick (Waskewski)

Our Lady of Hope Rainbow Travel Club Deceased Members.

Dore Parry from Alice O'Donnell and family

Theresa Pisani from Mr. and Mrs. Richard Weikel and family, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Strenkoski, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Fleming.

John Polities from Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ecker, Knights of Columbus No. 628.

Frank Purcell from Mrs. Phyllis Barrett.

Gerald F. Radzai from Knights of Columbus No. 628.

Joseph Reed from Joan Kelley, Janet Palazzetti, John and Joanne McKay, Virginia and Bill Korbich, Ann Weikel and family, Connie Fabrizio.

John "Jack" Reiprish from Rose Dougherty.

Ron Rosini from Ed and Margaret Mary Barber

John Ruginis Jr. from Knights of Columbus No. 628.

John F. Shimock Jr. from Dan and Nancy Kerris, Alice O'Donnell and family, Knights of Columbus No. 628.

Kenneth Snyder from Capt. Joseph L. Bolick.

Helen Stank from Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wurster, Mrs. John Reiprish.

Nichola and Gloria Suzich from Christopher Suzich.

Jerome A. Switaj from Howard and Theresa Sandri.

June Tetkoskie from Virginia and Bill Korbich.

Dorothy M. Tomtishen from Phil and Pat Augustine, Larry and Dot Morata, Helen Bolick, Daniel A. and Jacqueline Kerris and family, Dan and Nancy Kerris, Marion Shirmer, Helen Minor, Carolann Baskera and Thomas Bator, Donna Marlin, Tyler Hodge, Shirley Tomtishen, Gloria Tomtishen, Ted and Jackie Matlow, Mary M. Rudisill, Shawn and Ann Krehel, Richard and Debra Kowaleski, Peter and Nora Avellino, Charles T. McAndrew, Debra Collins and family, Donald and Sharon (Mulhall) Betz, Diane and Sarah Kerris Fazio, Claire Kornacki, Robert J. and Susan Kerris, Gene Boylan, David and Beth Kerris, Gloria Catino, Leocadia M. Spock, Mary Scheithauer and Maria Scheithauer.

Charles F. Verano from Florence Verano.

John P. Voloshin from Ann Marie Voloshin.

Geraldine Wancio from Mr. and Mrs. Earl V. Peckne, Sr.

Mary J. Williams from Thomas R. Williams.